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    10 Simple Yet Effective Tips To Quit Smoking For Good!

    By Chandana Rao

    A popular quote goes like this, "If you want to quit smoking, just learn to love yourself".
    Well, we can understand from the above quote that if you really care about yourself and your health, you would definitely make an effort to quit the vice, as smoking is extremely injurious to health!

    As humans, we are aware that at any time in our lives we could be affected by a number of diseases, be it major one or minor.

    Even if we are leading relatively healthy lifestyles, certain diseases are inevitable, so it is our responsibility towards ourselves to try and do everything to prevent diseases.

    Cigarette smoking is one such vice which can surely put a person at the risk of certain deadly diseases!

    In fact, according to surveys cigarette smoking takes the life of thousands of people around the globe, each year!

    Smoking, especially cigarettes, can infuse your body with nicotine, which can be very harmful.
    When a person smokes, his/her lungs are affected majorly, as they are filled with nicotine tar and soot!

    Naturally, the affected person may suffer from a number of ailments, such as, respiratory disorders, lung ailments, lung cancer, mouth ulcers, indigestion, erectile dysfunction, infertility, depression and much more!

    So, it is clear that smoking, especially for a long-term can definitely lead to the deterioration of your health.

    Effective Tips To Quit Smoking For Good!

    However, the tricky part about smoking is that it becomes a psychological addiction, as well as a physiological one, so it becomes very hard for smokers to quit.

    So, many people try to quit smoking, but in vain. So, if you are someone who wants to quit smoking, here are a few effective tips!


    Make A List Of Why You Like To Smoke

    Firstly, make a list of the reasons why you like smoking and why smoking makes you feel good. This step can help you see that the reasons why you like smoking could just be superficial ones.


    Make A List Of Why You Want To Quit

    Next, make another list of reasons why you want to quit smoking. For example, how it is affecting your health and how it affects the people around you. Have this list with you at all times and read it when you feel the urge to smoke.


    Avoid Buying Whole Packs Of Cigarettes

    Another effective way to quit smoking is to avoid buying whole packs of cigarettes and buy just one or two cigarettes. This habit can help you control the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day and gradually reduce, until you quit.


    List Of Times When You Smoke

    Make a chart of the specific times in a day that you crave for a cigarette. This habit will give you an idea about when you get the urges to smoke, so that during that time, you can indulge in other activities to distract yourself.


    Develop New Hobbies

    Develop new hobbies and activities that you can distract yourself with, when the craving to smoke hits you. Going to the gym, jogging, reading, hanging out with non-smoking friends, etc., are some of the things you could consider.


    A Good Mood Helps

    Recent studies have found that trying to quit smoking when you are in a good mood tends to work more effectively, rather than trying to quit this habit when you are depressed. So, make a conscious effort to quit smoking when you are in a good mood.


    Treat Yourself

    Put all the money that you have saved from not buying cigarettes in a jar and at the end of the month, buy yourself a treat. This habit shows you how much money you can save when you quit smoking.


    Carry Healthy Snacks

    Carry a pack of healthy snacks like nuts, fruit or muesli with you. Snacking on these whenever you get the urge to smoke can help reduce the cravings.


    Avoid Joining Your Co-workers During Smoke Breaks

    Avoid joining your co-workers during smoke breaks, as it will trigger the habit. Instead, you can take a walk in the streets outside or play a game on your phone.


    Make A List Of All The Health Hazards Of Smoking

    Make a list of all the health hazards of smoking and post them at your desk at work and at a few places around your house. This habit can also encourage you to quit the vice.

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    Story first published: Saturday, November 4, 2017, 16:28 [IST]
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