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Press These Areas Of The Body For Fast Weight Loss & To Treat Digestion Issues

By Sravia Sivaram

As you already know, acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that is based primarily on the concept of energy that travels around the body.

This technique works on several pressure points that are connected to some of the major organs in the body.

By applying pressure to these points correctly, you can solve a wide range of conditions and health problems.

In this article, we have focussed on the pressure points that you need to take care of for weight loss as well as to treat digestion-related issues.

Acupressure works like magic when it comes to weight loss. By applying a little pressure on the special energy meridian points on the body, which expels excess heat and moisture, you could help improve the circulation to lose weight.

This also strengthens the digestive system that helps control the appetite. By practising acupressure on a daily basis, you can yield the best results for weight loss and digestive issues.

You need to start massaging these areas first and then apply pressure on them. So, continue reading the article to know more about the acupressure points for weight loss and digestion.


1. Ear Point:

This is one of the major appetite control points. To find it, you need to place your thumb in front of the triangular shaped flap near your ear. Now open and close your jaw and find a point where it has maximum movement.

Press these points for 1 to 3 minutes for two times a day.


2. The Upper Lip Point:

This point is located between the upper lip and nose, in the centre. You need to press this for 1 to 5 minutes twice a day, either when you feel hungry or anxious. This is one of the major acupressure points for weight loss.


3. Knee Point:

Pressing this point not only helps with digestion, but also helps relieve menstrual discomfort and cramps. It is located 5 cm below the knee cap and slightly off the centre - towards the outside of the leg.


4. Elbow Point:

To locate this acupressure point, move a thumb-width's distance from your elbow joint to the inside crease of your elbow. Press this with your thumb for 1 minute every day. Stimulating this point helps to eliminate excess body heat and moisture, promoting bowel function and preventing fluid retention. This is one of the best acupressure points for digestion.


5. Ankle Point:

This point is located on the inside of the body, 5 cm above your ankle. Apply the pressure with your thumb for 1 minute every day and release the pressure slowly. If you're pregnant, please refrain from acting on this pressure point.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 27, 2017, 17:00 [IST]
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