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Pain In Each Tooth Can Predict Problems In Certain Organs; Read To Find Out

By Sravia Sivaram

Did you know that even the tiniest of the tooth problem indicates certain health issues? There is a strong link between the state of your teeth and the internal organs.

This article will let you know if bad teeth can cause health problems or not. The upper and lower incisors are associated with the kidneys, bladder and ears. Canine teeth are linked to the state of the liver and gall bladder.


The premolar is known to reflect the state of the lung and gallbladder. The molars tell about the state of the stomach, spleen and the pancreas.

The wisdom teeth are associated with the heart and small intestine. This also doesn't mean that all internal damages are accompanied by damage of the teeth.

In most of the cases, patients feel a discomfort and mild pain in the areas surrounded by a healthy tooth; while sometimes, the pain may be in the area where the teeth have been long removed.

The pain which is felt at such instances is called phantom pain and it occurs due to the messages the affected organs send to the respective affected teeth. This very much shows that bad teeth do indicate health problems.

So, continue reading this article to know if bad teeth can cause health problems.



Pain in the upper and lower incisor is a sign of cystitis, otitis or pyelonephritis.



Pain in the first incisor signals tonsillitis or prostatis.



Chronic pain in the canine teeth might be due to cholecystitis or hepatitis.



Pain in the premolar teeth may be due to colitis, allergic reaction, pneumonia or dysbactriosis.



If you have pain in the fourth teeth (top and bottom), then you have problems like knee pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain, colon disease or inflammatory-related diseases like arthritis.



Pain in the molar indicates gastric ulcer, chronic pancreatitis, duodenal ulcer, anaemia and chronic gastritis.



Pain in the sixth lower teeth refers to vein-related problems, atherosclerosis and problems with the arteries.



Pain in the sixth upper teeth is associated with inflammation of the ovaries, spleen, thyroid gland, sinusitis and pharynx disease.



Pain in the lower molars indicate varicose veins, polyps in the colon or lung-related problems like bronchial asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis.



Wisdom teeth pain indicate problems like cardiac diseases, congenital defect and coronary heart disease.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 12:46 [IST]
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