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Oral Sex; All That You Need To Know About The Health Risks Involved In It

By Sravia Sivaram

Oral sex is widely practiced nowadays and it's no longer a taboo in our country as well. Thanks to the unflinching influence that we take from adult sites.

Trying what we see online is something that we are highly skilled at. But have we ever given a thought to the consequences that come along with it?

In the fountain of the youth stage, we end up making several mistakes without thinking of the repercussions.

One of it is having unprotected oral sex. Yes, it doesn't make you pregnant but that alone is not the deciding factor, right?

Things like risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases must also be on our mind when you are at it. This article will let you know how common is it to get an STD from oral.

Did you know that oral sex can increase the risk of human papilloma virus (HPV)?

The widespread practice of oral can also increase the risk of HIV transmission.

There are many health risk factors involved when it comes to having oral sex. In this article, we have mentioned about the risk of going in for unprotected oral.

Ladies, You Need To Do This One Thing Immediately After An Intercourse!

Read further to know about the chances of getting STDs from oral.


1. Oral Can Give You A Throat Cancer:

During oral sex, it increases the risk of transmission of the human papillomavirus (HPV), which can be passed from person to person during sex. Being exposed to the risk of HPV can increase the risk of cancer.


2. Can Give You Other Kinds Of STDs As Well:

Several sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, herpes, HPV and viral hepatitis can be passed on through oral . The risk also depends on if you're partner is affected by this, how many sexual partners you have and the kind of oral that you're engaged in.


3. Increases The Risk Of Gonorrhoea:

This is a common STD that is transmitted to the throat during oral sex. This germ can cause inflammation, formation of pus and also soreness. This is one of the top risks of going for unprotected oral.


4. Syphilis:

The lesions of syphilis appear on the genitals or the anus and sometimes rarely on the nipples. They can also appear in the lip and tongue due to oral.

This disease can be caught from an infected person's mouth. This increases your chances of getting an STD from oral. This is one of the risks of receiving unprotected oral.


5. Infections Can Be Transferred By Oro-Anal Sex:

The contact between the mouth and anus can pave a way to the transfer of infections that are down there. Very dangerous bowel organisms like Salmonella, Shigella and Campylobacter can be transmitted due to the oro-anal intercourse.


6. Hepatitis A:

This is a viral infection and the virus is present in the faeces in high concentration. This can also be transmitted through an oro-anal intercourse.


7. Hepatitis B:

This is common among people who previously suffered from sexually transmitted diseases. It can cause serious risks like liver disease and chronic liver damage.


8. Hepatitis C:

The risk of contracting hepatitis C is greater if you're an HIV positive. This can be transmitted not just through oral sex but any kind of a sex.


9. Worms:

The risk of being affected by threadworms and other kinds of worms is high if you engage in an oro-anal intercourse.

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