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Never Do These Things After Running

By Chandreyee Sen

Running is a strenuous workout process that involves a great deal of muscle strength and body fitness.
Health freaks, who are conscious about their physique and figure often opt for running as a predominant exercise for losing body weight and increasing the strength of leg muscles.

In running, a lot of activity is involved which induces high levels of metabolism that burn the excess fat stored in the body. The body sweats a lot as a result of the heavy activity that it undertakes.

Running is good for you as it relieves stress and makes your body fit and active. But remember, only if you are physically fit (without any prior medical ailments like cardiac arrest, arthritis, hypertension, etc.), only then go for running.

In case of poor health conditions, running can aggravate your problems even more.

While undertaking this exercise, the energy level in the body rises which results in greater pumping of blood in the heart.

Such a condition for a pre-existing cardiac patient can lead to another heart attack. So it is advisable to seek medical consultation before opting to run.

However, many of us are frequent runners, almost every morning. But there are certain post running practices which we need to reconsider.


1. Sitting For Long:

Yes, running is a strenuous physical activity and often people are short of energy. Under such circumstances, sitting down idle for long hours is not the correct way to give your body the adequate resting time.

Instead of sitting around, engage yourself in right physical activities like freehand exercise, yoga or meditation. This will help to replenish the lost energy faster and revitalize you for a second round of running session.


2. Staying In Dirty Clothes For Long:

Running involves undergoing physical activity that results in sweating. Sweat as we know contains germs and bacteria which when it comes in contact with human skin can cause dampness or skin irritation. Further, it can even lead to cough and cold if the sweat is allowed to dry on the body.

Therefore, staying in dirty clothes post running can be harmful for your health. Shower in warm water to make your body feel fresh and eradicate any virus threat.


3. Not Drinking Enough Water:

It is essential to understand the importance of water before, during and after completing a running session. Water is the main fluid that helps to keep our body hydrated for a longer span of time and flushes out the toxic particles from the body. Therefore it is imperative for runners to hydrate their body according to their running capacity before and during running. However, after running when the body falls short of energy, fluid is the most important thing that the body requires. This will replenish your energy faster and give the body adequate recovery time.


4. Doing Too Much Work:

Prior to a running session if you think of doing too much work or indulge in heavy physical activities then it can be detrimental for your muscles which are still in their recovery stage. It is advisable to engage yourself in light activities like walking, doing light household works, etc. to keep your body fit and active and to retain the energy.


5. Eating Unhealthy Foods:

Just because you have completed a running session and burnt down enough calories doesn't mean that you can crave to eat unhealthy junk foods for the rest of the day. In order to appease your hunger after running, it is important to eat healthy and nutritious food that will not only induce proper digestion but will also be beneficial for your waistline.

Eating pizza or burger will ruin all the hard work that you have put in during running and will further lead to weight gain and make you feel sluggish for the rest of the day.


6. Avoiding Breakfast:

A healthy breakfast is the key to kick start a fresh morning and remain active all throughout the day. Avoiding breakfast after running can make you feel weak and inactive. This is because a lot of energy has been utilized in the process of running and only healthy food can revitalize your body.

Therefore, have adequate amount of carbohydrate, protein and vitamin in your morning diet. Include boiled eggs, milk or fresh fruit juice, leafy green vegetables, oats, yogurt, etc. for a perfect breakfast. Further, this will also act as an anti-hunger suppressant for your mid-morning craving of food.

So these are some of the activities every runner should keep in mind after completion of the running session. Following these simple rules will make them more healthy and active.

Story first published: Friday, December 1, 2017, 12:37 [IST]
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