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Natural Essential Oils For Back Pain

By Sripriya Satish

Back pain can be a nagging issue if left unchecked. Being a common, irritating factor which can greatly inhibit our work process, it is a problem which is often overlooked.

 There are several causes for back pain. It might be because of the misalignment of the spine or because of improper posture while sitting or standing.

back pain treatment

Generally, back pain used to be common among the elderly. However, today, the problem is commonly affecting young adults.

Popping in painkillers every time you have a back pain would not be a healthy option. For a condition like this, natural remedies are the best.

Essential oils can play a major role in giving a soothing solution to this problem without allowing it to flare up.

Listed below are some of the essential natural oils that can give an instant relief to back pain.

Lavender Oil:

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of this oil are an excellent source of relief for back pain. Being a well-tested pain reliever, a study indicates that it brings down pain in the lower back by 39 percent when used in the acupressure treatment for backaches.

It also improves the speed of walking in the back pain sufferers to a great extent. Having a pleasant aroma, this oil has unbelievable relaxing properties that can give a soothing effect for back pain. By improving the blood flow on massaging this oil on the affected area, it also reduces the inflammation which can cause chronic pain.

How to apply? Adding a few drops of lavender oil to your bath water can give a great relief to the pain and helps to relax the muscles. Also, you can massage the affected area with a couple of drops of lavender oil and give an ice or heat compress.

Chamomile Oil:

Having anti-inflammatory properties, it goes a long way in playing the role of a pain reliever, especially to the back part of our body. It induces a relaxing sensation and its antispasmodic properties help to control muscle spasms, thus bringing a great relief to back aches.

How to apply?

Few drops of oil can be spread on the affected area evenly and massaged with the help of another person.

Eucalyptus oil:

Having soothing and relaxing properties, eucalyptus oil is a natural pain reliever. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that bring the pain down to a great extent.

How to apply?

20 drops of the oil can be taken and massaged gently over the back. First-time users may feel a little discomfort on the application of this oil. This might be due to its anti-inflammatory properties which can cause itchiness. But these initial discomforts will soon fade away. Massaging twice a day will give good results.

Basil Essential Oil:

Being a highly recommended oil for back aches, basil oil does a great deal in loosening the muscles, thus giving you a relaxing sensation. Any spasms in the back muscles can be relieved on the application of this oil.

How to apply?

Adding 3-4 drops of basil oil to a warm compress and applying it directly on the back might provide a huge relief from back spasms and pain.

Peppermint Oil:

Having anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, peppermint oil is truly refreshing. Also, possessing anti-spasmodic properties, it gives an instant relief to the aching back muscles.

How to apply?

This soothing oil must be diluted before the direct application on the back. A few drops might be sufficient to keep the pain reduced and to keep the energy levels up throughout the day.
Thus, essential oils can bring a great relief to the back ache sufferers. They not only try to reduce the pain but also give an instant boost to blood circulation in the affected area, thus reducing the pain caused by inflammation.

It is good to have essential oils handy as their uses, especially for the back pain, are impeccable. Being natural, they are also very safe to be used.

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