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Methods To Prevent Breast Cancer Recurrence

Yes, the recurrence of breast cancer is actually a reality. Predicting when and why this disease might resurface is not clearly known.

Researchers have long been studying about how breast cancer can occur again. The seed cells can migrate out to the breast or other parts of the body.

how to prevent breast cancer from recurring

Wherever these seeds end up, the cancerous cells tend to lie dormant, sometimes even for years. These can trigger a new and aggressive outbreak of the disease. This article will let you know how to prevent breast cancer from recurring.

While health experts are still trying to figure out the mechanism with which they can prevent the recurrence, they have also started focusing on the lifestyle changes and behaviours that can lower the risk.

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Breast Rashes, Home Remedies

There are some proven methods that you can adopt into your daily life in order to prevent breast cancer from recurring. Read on to find out how to prevent breast cancer from returning.

1. Move Your Body:

Regular exercise for at least 2½ hours a week is an important lifestyle factor to adopt to decrease the recurrence of breast cancer.

Exercising helps in lowering the inflammation and also the levels of hormones that are linked with the recurrence. It also acts as a defense to fight the second round.

2. Maintain Your Weight:

Avoiding weight gain and adopting a healthy lifestyle after breast cancer treatment offers protection.

Women who are overweight and obese have a higher risk of breast cancer recurrence than those who maintain a healthy body weight. This is one of the best ways to prevent breast cancer recurrence.

3. Avoid Drinking Too Much:

Limiting your drinking for up to 3-4 drinks per week is considered as reasonable and safe. Drinking every day should be avoided completely.

4. Take Your Prescribed Medicines:

Taking the prescribed medications regularly helps in lowering the risk of recurrence of breast cancer. Due to side effects, a lot of women actually stop taking the meds, but this must be strictly avoided.

5. Get More Of Vitamins C And D:

Taking vitamin C and D supplements helps in reducing the breast cancer mortality rate. Low levels of vit D are also linked with worst cancer recurrence outcomes.

6. Change Your Eating Pattern:

It significantly helps in preventing the return of breast cancer. You must make sure to eat right and at frequent intervals, and keep in mind to opt only for healthy food options.

7. Sip Green Tea:

Drinking green tea, at least 3-4 cups a day, helps in protecting against the recurrence of breast cancer. A study also found that there was a 31% drop in the recurrence risk of among green tea-drinking women.

Drinking green tea is one of the top methods of preventing breast cancer recurrence cases naturally.

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    Story first published: Thursday, July 27, 2017, 16:30 [IST]
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