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Make These Lifestyle Changes To Prevent COPD

By Sharon

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is the expansion of COPD. Pulmonary is the medical term used to refer to anything related to the lungs.

Any severe lung problem of a person mainly emphysema, asthma, and bronchitis is classified as COPD. The major symptom found in all these diseases is breathlessness.

The condition of a person with shortness of breath is life-threatening if necessary measures for proper care are not taken.

Bringing about a change in the way of living is one thing that people with COPD must do. It ranges from doing things as simple as drinking water regularly to as complex as quitting smoking.

To ensure longevity of life when affected by COPD, there are 10 things to be followed meticulously.

Best Ways To Treat COPD Naturally

These lifestyle tips are good enough to be followed by people who want to stay away from COPD too. Read on to find out about the lifestyle tips on how to deal with COPD wisely.


Quit Smoking

Chronic bronchitis and emphysema are two diseases that contribute to the development of COPD in a person. The first vital step that a person must take to prevent COPD is to quit smoking. The earlier it is done, the better it is for the lungs because once the function of the lungs is lost, it cannot be set right again. There are nicotine replacement products like patches, gums, and lozenges that aid to keep the habit at bay.


Regular Exercise

Shortness of breath, which is one symptom of COPD, can be managed with the help of regular exercises. Exercise also builds endurance. One must seek doctor's recommendation about the type of exercises that can be done. It is better to do gentle exercises like slow walking, gardening and golfing. Breathing exercises strengthen the chest muscles, making breathing easy.


Follow A Healthy Diet

You are what you eat. Diet must be followed to keep COPD under control. Vitamins such as A, C, and E are a must for a person with lung issues. Green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits are the best options to go for to get these vitamins. Adding olive oil and whole grains are also found to be beneficial. One must cut down on red meat, sugar, and processed foods.


Stay Away From Pollutants

Pollutants refer to those irritants both inside and outside the house. Environmental irritants like dust, pollen, and smoke increase the issue of COPD. Household cleaners, insecticides, lotions, and sprays will only add fuel to fire. Wearing a mask whenever necessary might help. It is best to keep the pollutants in check once in a while, at least at home.


Avoid Soda

Soda is just plain water that is carbonated. Traces of carbon dioxide can also be found in it. That is definitely not good for the body, especially the lungs. Who would want to inhale carbon dioxide that is toxic to the body? In addition, consuming soda swells up the stomach and puts a pressure on the diaphragm. This makes breathing harder. So, steer clear off soda if you're suffering from COPD.


Keep Yourself Hydrated

This is the easiest thing to do of all the lifestyle changes. A person with COPD must have a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. By doing this, the mucus in the lung does not thicken up and stick to the lungs, which happens if an adequate quantity of water is not consumed. Staying hydrated makes breathing easier.


Keep The House Free From Dampness

Dampness in the house can trigger allergic respiratory issues, adding to the woes of COPD. Any moisture content encourages the growth of bacteria and mold that cause infections. This must be brought under control by keeping the bathrooms well ventilated and regulating the humidity in the whole house by preventing moisture. Plumbing works, if any, must be attended to immediately.


Maintain Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is prime to avoid catching a cold that might worsen COPD. Cold causes trouble in the upper respiratory system. One good habit to keep cold away is to wash hands without fail before and after eating, especially when outside the house. Doing this will also prevent inhalation of dust particles to a certain extent.


Avoid Alcohol

Regular drinking habit worsens the effects of COPD, a study says. There are two things that happen with intake of alcohol - one, it reduces glutathione level which protects the lungs from smoke and, two, the airway becomes unhealthy with mucus and other contaminants. Alcohol, just like smoking, must be avoided for a healthy life.


Maintain A Healthy Weight

A normal BMI is essential to handle the effects of COPD in a better way. The lungs and heart of a person with COPD work harder than those of an ordinary person to help the body breathe. With weight gain, the work of the lungs and the heart only double up, thereby exerting excessive on the respiratory system. Eventually, food intake will get affected due to breathing difficulties.

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