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Your Junk Food Contains These Harmful Substances, Check Them Out

By Shubhra Prasenjit Dey

With the advent of the 21st century, we as a race have truly progressed towards newer things in human history and have used our minds to its potential to make this world a lot more connected.

However, as there is a flip side to every positive thing, to all the developments we see around us, there is a flip side to it too - our life as a whole has turned into a continuous, unstoppable race where all of us are running towards the next goal after reaching one. Due to this lifestyle that has become synonymous to modern times, food habits have been the most affected.

We have always been called the fast food generation because we rarely have time to eat a proper meal and this is replaced by junk food that we eat/consume all day. However, junk food brings with it problems of its own.

Although junk foods are very tempting to the palate and hit the exact points of our sensory lobe quick, we also end up with the one being slowly pulled more and more towards it.

Therefore, it is very important to spread the message about the ill effects of junk foods. Here are the harmful substances that junk foods contain, take a look.


1. High Fructose Corn Syrup:

Sugar in any form can bring obesity. Apart from the gigantic load of fructose, it also carries other chemical toxins like mercury. It's not a food, it's a food-like substance, which can have adverse effects on health.


2. High Salt:

A little bit of extra salt in food can bring numerous major health problems; call it hypertension or heart and kidney problems or water retention...the list will go on and on!!! This is one big reason why junk food must be avoided.


3. Artificial Colours:

To make the product cost-effective, to increase the shelf-life; almost all junk food sellers prefer these artificial colours over natural ones. These are nothing but just chemicals: pure TOXINS for our body.


4. Artificial Flavours:

This is a camouflaged poison from food industry, which comes in the name of flavours. These artificial flavours are capable of causing small health issues like mild headache to bigger health problems like cancer.


5. Trans Fat:

Trans fat or unsaturated fats are normally produced synthetically to be a part of junk food. It tends to increase bad cholesterol level while reducing the good one. It is also associated with coronary heart diseases.


6. Calories:

This word is almost equal to a nightmare. With reduced physical activity and more mental pressure; the only way to keep ourselves fit and fine is by monitoring our calorie intake. But, packaged food comes with a high supply of calories and no fibre. Neither has it helped in filling the stomach nor is it healthy.


7. High Sugar Content:

Human body is mechanised to store the extra sugar that has been taken in; to store it in the form of fat. Junk food in the name of giving instant energy supply provides a good amount of sugar (glucose) to the body normally, which is more than what is required that ultimately leads to obesity, the very famous lifestyle disorder.

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