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Is Wi-Fi Slowly Killing Us? Read To Find Out

By Sravia Sivaram

We are living in the era of the Internet, and there is no way of escaping the clutches of the magical digital world. This addiction was facilitated with the invention of Wi-Fi. But did you know that these Wi-Fi radiations are actually harmful for our health?

The companies which manufacture Wi-Fi routers must follow some strict norms, so as to protect our health. Firstly, we need to check if a router is connected without cables. Wireless devices like cellphones, tablets and laptops can emit WLAN signals (electromagnetic waves).


The loop of these signals can harm our health in numerous ways. As per studies it was found that routers can endanger our health as well as affect the growth of children and plants. Wi-Fi has been found to affect our health and this article deals with the health risks of Wi-Fi. So, if you have been wondering how to protect yourself from Wi-Fi waves, read this article.

Further, we have also listed a few pointers that you can consider to limit the harmful influence of Wi-Fi and reduce their side effects. Just like wireless signals, electromagnetic radiation can pass through walls. Routers are not turned off at night; hence, you're exposed to the radiation 24/7.

Continue reading to know how Wi-Fi affects our health.


1. Lack of concentration

Increased Wi-Fi radiation can lead to reduced brain activity and affect the power of concentration and memory in the long run.


2. Affects cell growth:

Plants and humans are both affected by this. As per research studies, it was found that plants near the radiation area never grew and this is what happens with the cells in the human body as well. This is one of the top Wi-Fi health risks.


3. Fatigue:

Chronic fatigue is one of the ill effects of radiations. Frequent feelings of tiredness and lack of energy to do our daily chores is quite common in this case. This is one of the ways in which Wi-Fi can affect our health.


4. Provokes Cardiac Stress:vc

As a result of physical response to electromagnetic waves, people will experience increased heart rate, similar to the heart rate of a person under stress. This increases the chances of a cardiac arrest.


5. Insomnia:

Being exposed to electromagnetic radiation affects our brainwave pattern and this plays spoilsport with out sleeping pattern. It interferes with falling asleep and leads to insomnia.

Here are some useful tips to reduce the impact of Wi-Fi radiation.


a. Disconnect Wi-Fi:

Before hitting the bed at night, make sure to disconnect the Wi-Fi programs, so as to prevent its radiation at night.


b. Note Where You Place Your Router:

It is considered better not to place the router in your kitchen or the bedroom and place it in a room which is less used.


c. Cables:

You can try using phones with cables so as to reduce the electromagnetic waves. This is necessary for protection from Wi-Fi radiation.


d. Reduce Usage Near Babies:

It is better to completely stop using Wi-Fi when there is a baby at home as infants are more susceptible to impaired cell growth and other damages associated with radiation.

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