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Is Fever Good For Health? Read This!

All of us vehemently hate fevers. Falling sick could disturb your daily life and may also force you to stick to the bed. So, you try to get rid of it by taking a tablet immediately. We want instant solutions! But even fever has a purpose behind it! Most of us try to pop in a pill and suppress it.

When your body raises its temperature for a reason, you taking a pill will reduce the temperature and defeat the purpose behind raising temperature. This may also affect the development of your immune system.

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That is how certain micro organisms survive and slowly become the reason for chronic issues. Here are some more facts.


How Your Defenses Work?

The immune system functions more efficiently when it is allowed to do its job. Without any challenge, it may not be able to develop its strength.

So, when you catch a cold or fever occasionally, you don't need to quickly take an over-the-counter pill. If the fever persists, you can always consult the doctor.

Why Body Raises Temperature

When your body has to fight the bacteria or the microbes in the environment, you may catch an infection or suffer fever. Your body increases its temperature in order to kill the microbes that can't withstand the heat.

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Normal And Abnormal Temperatures

The normal temperature of the body is 98.6 degrees but during a fever, the temperature may reach 100 degrees and in rare cases, it can also be 101 degrees.


Some harmful microbes fail to survive the high temperature and won't multiply in the heat. That is the whole point behind your body's strategy of raising its temperature.

Rush To The Doctor!

But if the temperature crosses 102, then immediate medical help is necessary. Also, if your fever lasts for 2 days, it is advisable to rush to the hospital.

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Some microbes get into the body through mucous. That is why when you are suffering from cold and fever, the body secretes more mucous to get the microbes trapped and thrown out.

What Makes You Weak?

Relying too much on drugs may make your body weaker. Just like the way unused muscles lose their strength and firmness, immunity also loses its strength when it isn't allowed to function well.

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