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Know Why Going For Regular Dental Check-ups Is A Must; Read Here

By Lekhaka

We live in an urban world where many people are busy and they are pressed for time.

Parents are running to their workplace and to make ends meet, looking after the family, children are running between school and classes, youth are busy with their college, career and friends.

Given this scnario it's not uncommon that people don't find time to visit the dentist regularly and end up at the dental office only in emergency due to severe unbearable pain.

So, why visit the dentist regularly? Here are some benefits of timely dental check-ups:


1. Upcoming Problems Are Detected In Early Stages:

One of the most commonly faced dental problems is dental caries. This is a slow process in most cases, but the bad news is that it is irreversible. Once caries has eaten up the tooth structure, only option left is to restore it with a filling, i.e., a cement or composite.

Hence, sooner it is detected, lesser the damage. Untreated, at last, it reaches the nerve where it causes severe pain and infection, maybe even swelling. There is no option but to do a root canal or extraction at this stage. With timely check-ups not only caries but a host of other problems can be nipped in the bud.


2. Money Is Saved:

Yes, you heard it right! Our beloved money is saved because early-stage problems are easier and less time consuming to treat. So, treatment fee is lesser as compared to last-stage problems.


3. Encouragement In Routine Hygiene Procedures:

A good dentist not only treats your problems, he also encourages and motivates you too maintain hygiene at home. Oral hygiene habits installed in children and adults at home can go a long way in promoting their dental and oral health.

Like they say, no pain, no gain, so if we go through the pain of maintaining daily hygiene (which is not really a pain), the dental pain can be highly minimized.


4. No Fear Of Pain...No Fear Of Dentist:

This is especially important for children. If the first dental experience of a child is of pain, he/she may have that fear for a long time. The child's parents are majorly responsible for any infection that the child develops.

Check ups after every six months will highly minimize the chances of infections in a child's mouth. Once the child develops infection, he not only suffers from pain but may also develop a fear of dentists.


5. Correction Of Harmful Habits And Tendencies:

Children as well as adults may have inborn habits or may unconciously develop some habits that are bad for the teeth and gums.

E.g., children eating chocolate is a commonly known fact, but did you know that adults not eating on time can lead to acidity, which in turn can lead to thinning of enamel due to the acidic burps and that results in sensitivity of teeth?

These may be noticed by a dentist by careful examination and questioning and in turn your habit can be corrected.

Hence, for reasons more than obvious, it's important for everyone to get yearly (6 monthly for children) check-ups for their best oral health.

The article is written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Consulting Dentist, Sunshine Dental Clinic, Jayanagar & Faculty, Art Of Living

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Story first published: Sunday, July 16, 2017, 17:30 [IST]
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