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What? Is Ice Bad For Injuries?


Yes, some studies say that ice is bad for injuries. One of the easiest remedy to deal with an injury is an ice pack. It seems to reduce pain instantly and that is why we still use it. But ice delays healing, say some experts.

How does ice actually work? Well, it restricts the circulation of blood to the affected area. This may reduce the inflammation and swelling. It also numbs the pain for some time.

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Though ice can be a remedy when there isn't any medical help around, it isn't the wisest thing to do. Why? What does ice do to an injury? Read on to know why ice isn't the best way to treat injuries.


Ice Interferes With Healing Process

Though ice seems to temporarily reduce pain in the affected area for a few minuets, it may interfere with the normal healing process. It just numbs the pain for some time.


Is Inflammation Bad?

We all perceive inflammation as a negative phenomena, but no, it isn't bad. In fact, inflammation is like the first step of healing process when an injury occurs. In order to repair a tissue, inflammation needs to occur. But when you apply ice, it interferes with inflammation.

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What About Lymphatic Fluids?

What does ice do to an injury? Ice is also said to interfere with the flow of lymphatic fluids. This interference could slow down the healing process.


How Else Ice Affects?

Ice can also reduce co-ordination, speed as well as strength of a particular muscle. It could slow down the movement.


Cellular Signaling

Ice is also said to interfere with cellular signaling. It also hinders the cell development in the affected area. This could also delay the healing process.

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Why Blood Circulation Is Important?

When an injury occurs, your body dilates the blood vessels in the affected area. Then swelling occurs. Blood circulation increases to supply proteins and certain chemicals to the injured area to start the repair. But ice could disturb the process.


How Inflammation Helps

Inflammation works like a wake up call to all the cells in the area of the injury. Even the dormant cells in that area start working to help the repairing process. Ice may disturb this natural healing process. Only in emergency situations, use ice temporarily to reduce pain and then seek medical help.

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Story first published: Monday, August 14, 2017, 18:57 [IST]
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