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How To Prevent Malaria While You Are Travelling

If you are planning to travel to a warm place, you need to be cautious. The chance of getting affected with malaria is more in tropical and subtropical areas. So you have to take steps to prevent malaria.

First of all, you must have a pretty good idea of the place you are going to visit. Also if you want to know the causes and symptoms of malaria then you should read here.

People who have very low levels of immunity tend to get attacked by the malarial parasite easily. The malarial parasite enters your body through mosquito bites and medical science has found that symptoms appear normally within 7 to 30 days.

Many evident signs are visible in those affected by malaria including high fever, chills, vomiting and many more. You can take some natural steps to prevent malaria while travelling.

Prevention is better than cure, so you need to take steps to prevent malaria than trying to treat it. Meanwhile here are certain home remedies that help to cure malaria.

In this article let's have a look at some of the steps to prevent malaria while travelling:


Awareness Of The Risk:

The first and foremost thing that you must find out is if you are at risk of getting affected. Make sure you are in the know before you pack up. Get all the details about the place you are travelling to, the time of the year and how much affected the area is.


Use A Bed Net:

By using a bed net, you can avoid the bites of mosquitos. You may know that female mosquitos carry parasites of malaria and their bites end up causing malaria. The net should not be damaged and it should be tucked underneath the mattress.


Air Conditioner:

Yes, keep the air conditioner on, at night specially. Mosquitoes can't stay in cool places and while you keep the AC on, mosquitos will stay out from the room. So always keep the AC on to prevent the attack of malaria.


Mosquito And Insect Repellent:

Another effective method to prevent malaria is to use mosquito repellent and insect repellent. It is advised to use repellents both during the day and night for safety.


Cover Yourself With Clothes:

Even though you are in a warm or hot place try to go for long sleeves. It is better to wear long sleeves while going to bed as well as in the evening. Make sure that less skin is exposed as it may reduce the risk of malaria.


Stay In A Well Screened Area:

To prevent the attack of malaria it is better to stay in a well-screened area. Try not to sleep in an open space. In open areas there may be more attack of mosquitos because of standing water or piles of dirt. Ensure that if you are staying in a tent, there is no hole or damage.


Preventive Tips:

It is always safe to take preventive medicines. Consult your doctor and take the prescribed medicines if you are travelling to affected areas. There are many anti-malarial medications that reduce the risk of malaria.


Tips For Using Medications:

Before using the anti-malarial medications, it is better to read the prescription and be on the safe side. Try to follow the instructions and continue till it is prescribed. And make sure that you follow all the preventive measures.

Keep safe from malaria while travelling with the above-mentioned preventive steps.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 25, 2017, 7:30 [IST]
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