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Prepare Your Own Syrup For Immunity

If you know how to prepare garlic syrup, then you may be able to keep most of the infections at bay. Garlic is a super food and garlic syrup boosts immunity.

Generally, garlic syrup is consumed thrice a day. Each time only one teaspoon should be consumed. In fact, some people even use garlic syrup to heal wounds.

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Apart from offering several health benefits, garlic syrup is also said to keep the body warm in cold and harsh climates. Now, read on to know more...



You will need 7-8 garlic cloves, 200 ml of honey and 200 ml of apple cider vinegar.


Step #1

Crush the garlic first. Add it to a blender. Add apple cider vinegar and honey to the blender. Blend it well.

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Step #2

Get a glass container with a lid. Move the mixture into it. Place it in the fridge for 4-5 days. But every day, open the lid and stir the mixture and keep it back in the fridge.


Step #3

After 5 days, mix two teaspoons of the mixture with a cup of water and consume it.

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How Does It Help

This mixture can bring your blood pressure down, and minimise bad cholesterol levels in your body. Your immunity gets a boost. This syrup keeps infections at bay.


Another Benefit

If you are suffering from gout pain or arthritis pain, you will find some relief. This mixture is also said to dissolve kidneys stones. This mixture is antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral properties.

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