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How To Boost Blood Circulation Below Your Belt

Healthy circulation is important for a healthy life. When blood fails to flow properly throughout the body, many problems arise.

Blood supplies oxygen and nutrients to every organ of your body. And to enjoy a good bed life, your blood needs to reach your privates. Poor circulation is the first reason behind erectile issues.

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You need to send more blood below your belt to enjoy healthy bed life. How to boost circulation to your love organs without using medicines? Well, here are some simple ways....


Tip #1

Even a simple activity like running can also keep your heart and libido in good shape. If you have the time to lift weights, go ahead. But don't let even a single week pass without doing any exercise.


Tip #2

Garlic improves blood flow. Onions are also good. Banana offers potassium. Chillies and peppers reduce inflammation and improve circulation. Eat tuna once or twice a week. Get some vitamin B1 to enhance the signals between brain and privates. Eggs reduce stress.


Tip #3

High levels of stress and high BP are linked. And when you are stressed up, you smoke or drink which further affects circulation and libido. So, quit smoking and drinking and find ways to manage stress.


Tip #4

Occasionally, massage the areas below your belt. Massage boosts blood flow.

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Tip #5

Herbs like ginseng can treat erectile dysfunction. Gingko is another herb which promotes circulation. But talk to your doctor if you want to try herbs just to stay on the safe side.


Tip #6

Perform Kegel exercises. Try pelvic lift exercise. Any exercise promotes blood circulation. Pelvic exercises additionally strengthen the muscles below your belt. Strong pelvic muscles contribute a great deal to your capacity of offering pleasure.

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