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Music Has The Ability To Heal! Here Is All That You Need To Know About Sound Meditation

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Sound healing is something that not all you may be aware of. Science has shown that every part of the body, the organs, the fluids, etc., all have their own resonance or frequency.

When this resonance is out of tune, due to stress or illness or other factors, then this can lead to the development of diseases.

sound meditation

Sound meditation is a way of bringing the body back into harmony and into its true resonance.

Even listening to your favourite piece of music can make you feel alive and it is a form of sound healing.

There are certain songs that can make us feel alive and bring us back to our senses. It is true that carefully calibrated music or ancient sounds will be able to influence our body. This article will let you know how does sound meditation help in reducing stress.

Studies have also found that this therapy can help nurse home residents with depression. This is known to help them with pain management.

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In this article, we have mentioned some of the surprising facts on sound meditation. So, continue reading to know more about the facts on sound meditation.


1. It Doesn't Matter Where You Do It:

If does not matter if you're inside your office cubicle or inside a forlorn cottage in a faraway island or inside a cave in some remote forest. Closing your eyes and meditating listening to the reverberating music is going to help.


2. It's More Complicated Than You Think:

There are many tools and rhythms involved in the process and this cannot be underestimated. You can also experiment this with different bowls, tuning forks, rattles, drums as well as toning with the voice. This is one of the top facts on sound meditation.


3. Doing It Alone Or Privately Makes A Difference:

In a private session, you'll get the full attention of the practitioner and it will be an intense experience. Group experience can also be powerful, as there will be a wave of energy that can heighten and magnify your experience.


4. You Don't Have To Do It All The Time To Have A Powerful Effect:

How often you tune into sound meditation is up to you, you can do it either often or occasionally. It all depends on what is happening in your life and how it fits into your routine.


5. You Would Feel Out Of This World:

After this experience, you might feel moved and uplifted, as if you have gone somewhere far away and have returned.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 20, 2017, 18:42 [IST]
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