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    Swap Antibiotics With These Home Remedies to Treat Cold & Flu

    By Chandreyee Sen

    Cold and flu is a common ailment that occurs during every changing season. But as individuals, we are glued to the consumption of antibiotics to cure it.

    We feel that only antibiotics have the potential to fight the flu virus. Flu and common cold are nothing to worry about but can make you feel sick with the repeated sneezes, coughing, and body aches.

    Antibiotics make you feel lazy even to consume your food or do your work. But consuming antibiotics without any medical guidance can be more detrimental. It is not that every antibiotic is best suited for every individual.

    antibiotics for cold

    Like our choices, our body type is also very different, and so not all antibiotic are suitable for you. Besides, some antibiotics can cause adverse effects like skin allergy, or they can make you feel weaker as well.

    Moreover, if such antibiotics are consumed over the years, then our body becomes resistant to it, and it might not work in actual need.

    Flue affects 1 in every ten children; and parents opt for the medications which they take. But did you know whether your child's body is capable of taking that dosage?

    Well, to avoid such adverse effects, it is advisable to swap antibiotics and follow some home remedies to cure flu and the common cold. It will help you feel better! Read on to know more.


    • Salt Water Gargle:

    If your lungs and chest are paining lately due to the tremendous coughing and congestion, then salt water gargle is one of the best-suited remedies to clear the mucus from the respiratory tract. It provides relief to your sore throat and helps you to swallow your food. But it is seen that as a remedy, most people opt for cough drops or cough syrup, which induces sleep and makes you feel weak. So, instead, in a glass of warm water, add half a teaspoon of salt and gargle for at least four times for better results.


    • Drink Plenty Of Water:

    Water is an essential element of our body, which helps in proper metabolism and flushes out the toxin particles from our body. When a person gets affected by the flu and common cold, it is imperative to consume an adequate amount of water to keep your body hydrated. This is because in case of fever, our body losses subsequent amount of fluid and can lead to dehydration. So, have warm water or have plenty of soups which will give you strength and keep you hydrated as well.


    • Ginger + Honey:

    Both ginger and honey have medicinal properties that aid in treating flu and common cold. Ginger and honey can provide relief from a sore throat and act as a natural cough suppressant. Mixing it with honey improves its effectiveness and comforts your body. For this, boil a cup of water and add grated ginger (1-2 inch) in it. Let it cool down and add a spoonful of honey to it. Mix it well and have this drink twice a day and before bedtime to have a peaceful sleep.


    • Mustard Oil + Garlic:

    From the age-old times, it is seen that grannies refer to rubbing warm mustard oil on your chest, back, and nose to ease congestion during flu. It provides you relief and heats up your body from within. Mustard oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties and teaming it with garlic, which is a rich antibiotic, can help you treat the disease faster. For this, add 6 spoons of mustard oil and heat it on low flame and add 2-3 sliced garlic cloves. Let it cool down a little and then apply it on your chest and back, palms, feet, for a warmer effect.


    • Turmeric:

    The medicinal value of turmeric is well known for treating flu and common cold. Turmeric has powerful antioxidants that help in fighting the host viruses. Adding it to warm milk or consuming it with honey can prove to be effective. For this, in a cup of warm milk, add half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix well. Have it before bedtime to provide quick healing. You can even mix a spoon of turmeric powder with 100 g of honey and keep it in a container. Consume a spoon of this mixture at least 5-6 times in a day for better results.


    • Neem:

    Neem is a powerful medicinal plant that helps in the prevention of several ailments. One of these is flu virus. The antibacterial and antioxidant property of neem boosts up your immune system to combat the disease. Add 5-6 leaves of neem in your tea and boil it. Have it twice daily. You can even add neem leaves and boil it in water for inhaling. Taking this vapor will help in removing the congestion and mucus from the body and will reduce the frequency of sneezing and running nose.


    • Cinnamon:

    Cinnamon consists of antioxidants and properties to fight bacteria. Having it while suffering from fever, cough and cold, will help in providing relief from a chronic cough and remove sinus. For this add 1 tablespoon of lukewarm honey with a 1/4th teaspoon of cinnamon powder and have it twice a day. Repeat the process till the congestion gets cleared.


    • Coconut Oil:

    Coconut oil is used for several purposes, one of which is providing quicker relief from common cold and flu. This oil contains a high amount of lauric acid which helps in dissolving the lipid coating around the virus and removes it from the body. For better results target to have 5-6 spoon of coconut oil in your food or mix it with hot tea twice daily.
    So, these are some of the natural methodologies that can help in treating cold and flu and removes the requirement of high dosage antibiotics for treating the same.

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