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Health Tips Given By Doctors When You Have Dengue

By Sripriya Satish

With the arrival of the monsoon season, we see many dengue cases on the rise. Always, prevention is better than cure but when we are not able to prevent this dangerous fever from affecting us and have somehow contracted it, we should indeed take the necessary steps to follow the health tips suggested by doctors to quickly recover from this disease.

health tips for dengue patient
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Let us have a look at some of the important tips as suggested by leading experts in the medical field to safely sail through the difficult times when we are affected by this fever.

Tip 1# Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Keeping your body always hydrated is a must when you have contracted dengue. Coconut water, fresh fruit juices and oral rehydration solution can be some of the choices of fluids you can supply to the body.

Let us see why! When plenty of fluids are taken there is a lot of chance for the viruses which are thriving in our body to be flushed out of it in the form of urine thus helping our system to reduce its load in fighting against these harmful microbes.

Tip 2# Appetite Should Be Taken Care Of

Energy levels are very low when one is affected by this frustrating fever. To shoot up the appetite, one has to eat foods that one really likes by making the diet interesting. Some of the good choices are nuts, soups, apples, bananas, boiled vegetables, etc.

Enhancing hunger, with respect to the patient's choice of food which is rich in energy, should be one of the main criteria to give the body the much needed strength.

Tip 3# Oily And Spicy Foods Should Be Avoided

Care should be taken that the patient is not overloaded with oil and spices in their diet. Fried foods should be completely avoided.

Let us see why! Dengue fever targets the liver thus retarding it in its function. It is a known fact that liver plays a major role in digestion. So, it is always preferable to avoid the diet which is difficult to digest thus not overloading this vital organ of our system.

Tip 4# Brushing Teeth Should Be Avoided

Brushing teeth very hard should not be done. Care should be taken that the patient's teeth are handled with care when he/she is affected with dengue.

Let us see why! The blood platelet count begins to drop when one suffers from this frustrating ailment. Blood platelets are responsible for the clotting of the blood.

While brushing the teeth very high chances are that the gums begin to bleed which is a common symptom of dengue. Bleeding heavily from the gums would make the teeth even weaker which is, of course, not a healthy sign.

Tip 5# Adopt Natural Remedies

Resorting to natural remedies for the treatment of dengue would be the best option. As we all know, neem leaves with its powerful medicinal properties can stop the virus from multiplying and spreading. The leaves can be soaked and boiled. The resulting brew can be had to increase the blood platelet count whose fall is the most dangerous effect of dengue.

Likewise, other natural remedies may include papaya leaves, coriander leaves, fenugreek leaves, basil leaves, etc. They may help to boost the immune system and can be a natural cure for dengue.

So, instead of panicking when dengue fever strikes, it is always best to consult a good physician who will guide you on the right path. Sticking to these valuable tips suggested would go a long way in bringing some relief from this menacing fever!

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