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These Health Problems Can Arise If You Sleep Too Much

A minimum of 7 hours of sleep is necessary for an adult to keep the body functioning normally and to keep the body metabolism at its best. Often we hear about the health risks associated with sleeping less but have you heard that sleeping too much can also impact your health in a negative way?


So is it bad to sleep too much? Well, the answer is yes. According to the National Sleep Foundation, an adult requires a minimum of 7 hours of sleep and a maximum of 9 hours of sleep. If a person sleeps beyond nine hours then he is at a risk of developing several health problems.

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Also on the contrary if you sleep less than 5 hours a day one tends to develop a lot of health issues. Hence, like the food that we eat needs to be healthy, getting the correct amount of sleep is highly essential to keep oneself healthy.

So today in this article we will be listing out a few of the major health risks and dangers that can arise if one sleeps too much. Take a look.


1. Memory Impairment:

This isn't just hearsay but a study conducted by researchers has found that sleeping for over 9 hours can lead to memory impairment. Alzheimer's disease is just one of the major health problems that one gets when the memory gets affected with excess sleeping.


2. Risk Of Depression:

Yet another major health problem linked to sleeping too much is the risk of depression. In several studies conducted in various age groups with adults in the age group of 18-59 years being the major chunk, it was found that those who sleep for over 9 hours had a higher risk of developing depression.


3. Risk Of Diabetes:

Those who sleep for over 9 hours are at a higher risk of developing diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. A study conducted in this regard concluded that those who sleep for over 9 hours every day fail to process the sugar and they tend to develop glucose intolerance.


4. Increased Risk Of Heart Disease:

People who sleep for over 9 hours a day are at an increased risk of developing heart diseases. According to a study this is caused due to the reduced blood flow to the heart when one sleeps for long.


5. Weight Gain:

This is both ways if you sleep too much (more than 9 hours a day) and on the other hand if you sleep less than 5 hours a days; either way you tend to gain weight. When you sleep more the 24 hours, your biological cycle gets affected due to which one tends to put on weight.


6. Affects Fertility:

Another major health problem that arises especially among women sleeping in excess is infertility. This has been concluded by a study conducted among women in Korea.

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Story first published: Sunday, April 2, 2017, 18:15 [IST]
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