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Health Gadgets & Accessories You Can Gift Your Mom On Mother's Day

By Padmapreetham Mahalingam

Here is a quick reminder that Mother's Day is this Sunday. What are your plans of celebrating the special day?

Are you wondering how to celebrate it uniquely? If you're planning on gifting your mom something worthwhile, which would come of good use to her, we're here to help.

This Mother's Day go beyond the traditional way of gifting. Try to skip the flowers, traditional brunch and cake this year, and instead opt for some desirable gifts that are unique and thoughtful to purchase and wouldn't drain your bank account or purse in a week.

It would be nice to take the idea of gifting to an exceptional new level. Nowadays mothers enjoy gadgets and your mom definitely takes pleasure in having them. Easy-to-use gadgets have become a part of every mother's hobby.

Meanwhile, here is how you can also help your mother to prevent breast cancer, click here.

So this time around why not upgrade her daily routine life with some interesting gifts which can fulfill her needs as well as be functional.

Interestingly, these days everyone is opting for health and fitness gadgets, which have become the desirable topic online and in the market.

And that's why we're presenting to you health-related gifts that you can buy for your mom on Mother's Day to show your love all year long.


1. Tread Mill

Is your mom only going for yoga classes and hasn't' been hitting the gym for some time now? Then a better way to surprise her is to buy her a treadmill as a gift this Mother's day. It is also a great investment for your home and to keep your mom healthy.

There are treadmills that come in a range of styles and prices to meet your needs and it won't pinch your pocket. Treadmills give a great cardiovascular workout that does help heart health.

Your mom would surely love it, as she can watch her usual sitcom or read her magazine while on the treadmill rack. Moreover, it would also give her a nice half-hour workout.


2. Fitness Band

Most moms these days have become fitness freaks and are taking extra care to keep themselves fit. If you are looking for ways to give priority to her fitness goals, then you should gift her a tech wearable.

Interestingly, there are a number of fitness trackers to choose from, so make sure to select the one that best suits her needs. It is definitely a perfect gift for your mom, since it helps to track sleep, run routes, monitors steps, distance and the total calories burned.


3. Track Suit

Thinking of a gift that can keep your mom in high spirits and enjoy her workout regimen? If your mother's workout clothes are strained or frayed, then why don't you gift her a trendy track suit, as it can definitely make her morning walk pleasant and cheerful. This can definitely pep her mood and replace her boring yoga or gym class grey.


4. Heating Pad

Are you looking for ways to eliminate your mom's stress and the erratic mood that she is holding on to for sometime due to her recurrent aches and pains? There is nothing to worry, as you can dial down her aches in no time by getting her a heating pad.

And if she already has a heating pad, then check whether it has managed to ease her painful aches or spasms that she had acquired in the course of motherhood. If heating pad is not being helpful, then you can get her a new one to relieve her aches.


5. Juicer-cum-blender

If your mom has switched from smoothie onto healthy juices, then consider buying her a state-of-the-art juicer cum blender, so that she can indulge in whipping up fruit smoothies or vegetable juices. A juicer-cum-blender can keep her happy and it is definitely equipped to tackle her daily cooking requirements as well.


6. Sweatband

Working up a sweat can give you an accomplished feeling, especially when you have put in lot of effort after a few minutes of exercise. Yet when the sweat drips down to your face and eyes, it can be annoyingly disturbing, since it keeps you distracted.

If your mom loves to workout regularly and you care about her wellness all the time, then gift her the top-rated sweatbands. Gifting her sweatbands is ideal, as it wicks away the moisture without distracting her workout.


7. Dumbbells

Two kilogram dumbbells are a perfect starter weight for moms who are eagerly waiting to tone their biceps and triceps. Incorporating weight-training into her routine is good and buying her a pair of dumbbells can give her a complete workout. This will make her to use them every other day whether at home or at the gym.



If your mom wants nothing more than to relax on the appreciation day, then gift her a neck and shoulder massager. This is a perfect device that has vibrating sensors and heat sensors to relieve the discomfort in the neck and shoulders. It can soothe away the stress of the day.



Whether your mom is trendy or classic, you should get her a great pair of designer sunglasses this mother's day. This season is all about statement sunglasses, which is making waves. They come with coloured lenses and in unique shapes such as diamonds or hearts. And if your mother doesn't prefer to wear blue-lensed shades, then get her a classic aviator.


10. Diabetes Checker

If you're worried about your mom's health all the time, then gift her a diabetic checker which is a tiny and sleek-looking device that can keep a record of her sugar level. It can even help patients to keep their type 2 diabetes in check every day.

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