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Health Benefits Of Using Clay Pot


Clay pots are beautiful. And yes, they are healthy too. That is why your grandma used to cook in clay pots and store water in clay pots.

Clay pots are a lot better than steel, plastic and glass. In fact, it is better to reduce the usage of plastic and start using clay pots.

We carefully choose our food. How about carefully choosing the right utensil too? Earthenware is affordable and is also healthy. Read on to know about its health benefits...


Benefit #1

When you cook in metallic containers like aluminum, titanium, nickel and chromium, the metals may leech into the food.

Earthenware doesn't leech metals into the contents of the container. Also, cooking in earthenware is good because it retains most of the nutrients in the food.


Benefit #2

When it comes to storing water, water stored in plastic isn't healthy due to chemicals like BPA. But clay pots don't have such chemical issues.

In fact, water from clay pots tastes natural, sweet and soothing. It is as if the healing energy of the clay is transferred to the water!


Benefit #3

Some studies claim that water stored in plastic containers reduces testosterone levels in the body while water stored in clay pots helps maintain testosterone, improve health and metabolism.


Benefit #4

Clay is alkaline. It maintains the pH value of the water. In fact, when acidic foods are cooked in the clay pots, the alkaline nature of the pot is said to neutralise the acidic nature a bit. This way, it saves your health and digestive health too.


Benefit #5

Clay is natural. Its a non-toxic substance. It can lock the steam. It can retain water-soluble nutrients. It can retain heat. It is food-friendly and eco-friendly too. It is 100% natural and is a like a gift of mother nature.

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Story first published: Friday, March 3, 2017, 9:47 [IST]
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