10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Potato Juice

By Shabana

Nature is full of many wonders. The abundance of fruits and vegetables that is offers us are a very valuable gift to us. Every fruit and vegetable is full of various nutrients which provide important health benefits to us.

One such vegetable whose health benefits are not quite known to everyone is the humble potato. In fact, it is as healthy as any other veggie, if not more.

Potatoes are often eaten by people in the fried or baked form which gives a notion that they are unhealthy. Potatoes in their natural form are quite healthy and beaming with many essential nutrients.

They are a low-calorie high fibre vegetable which is a good source of vitamin B6, potassium, calcium, vitamin C and manganese. They are also full of anti-oxidants and compounds such as flavonoids and phytonutrients which are excellent anti-oxidants that fight the damage done by free radicals.

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The healthiest way to consume this vegetable is in the form of juice. Potato juice has amazing health benefits. It is an excellent antacid, which makes it the best choice to treat gastric ailments.

They are also used extensively to treat stomach ulcers and reduce gastro-intestinal inflammation. What makes this juice so stomach-friendly is that potatoes are the most alkaline foods out there and raw potato juice neutralizes the stomach acids.

Its stomach friendly properties were so well known during the time of World War 1. The soldiers were kept on a strict diet of raw potatoes and they never suffered from gastric problems. It was then that raw potatoes became world famous for their health benefits.

Here are some surprising benefits of potato juice-


1) Lowers Blood Sugar Levels-

Potatoes contain high soluble fibre which has a low glycemic index. Therefore, it does not allow blood sugar to rise easily. Potato juice can be taken every day by diabetics to effectively control their blood sugar levels.


2) Helps Treat Lung Disease-

Certain compounds present in potatoes are known to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, thereby preventing lung cancer. It is also very helpful in treating various lung diseases.


3) Helps Treat Respiratory Problems-

Potato juice helps in preventing various respiratory diseases as it lowers the levels of glucose in the blood.


4) Helps Remove Uric Acid And Treats Gout-

The anti-inflammatory properties of potato juice reduce the swelling in the joints, which is caused by excess uric acid in the body. It neutralises the uric acid and reduces the inflammation, helping in treating gout.


5) Stimulates Blood Circulation-

The vitamin B complex present in potato juice increases the oxygen carrying ability of the cells. Thus, oxygen is carried to all parts of the body, thereby increasing blood circulation.


6) Helps Treat Arthritis-

Potatoes contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce swelling in the joints. This reduces the pain due to arthritis, and helps reduce its symptoms.


7) Helps Relieve Back Pain-

Back pain is most likely associated with arthritis and can be managed by consuming potato juice. Rubbing thick potato slices directly on the affected area will immediately reduce swelling and redness, giving instant relief.


8) Aids In Weight Loss-

Potatoes are high in vitamin C which increases the metabolism. It has also been recently discovered that drinking potato juice regularly will decrease the secretion of hunger hormones, resulting in less eating binges.


9) Cleanses The Liver-

Potato juice is taunted to be the most inexpensive detoxifying juice. It helps flush out unwanted toxins from the liver and kidneys and improves their functions.


10) Helps Treat Gastritis-

Potato juice is excellent in treating any issue related to stomach because of its amazing antacid properties. It alkalises the digestive juices and helps cure indigestion.

Potato juice on its own may not be to everyone's liking. Pair it up with other vegetable juices. When juicing the potatoes, make sure that they are fresh and not sprouted. Consume the juice immediately after making to receive maximum effects.

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    Story first published: Thursday, November 2, 2017, 17:00 [IST]
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