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How Flowers Are Good For Your Health

A lot has been said about the health benefits of fruits and vegetables but very less is being talked about the health benefits of flowers.

Flowers heal on various levels. Some heal with their smell or perfume whereas some edible flowers are used in alternative medicine. Some flowers heal even with their presence.

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The best thing about them is that they are relaxing and soothing. They can even lift your mood. Here are several other health benefits that flowers offer.


Fact #1

Flowers can impact your emotions. As they create a relaxing atmosphere, your emotions undergo a positive impact.


Fact #2

When someone falls sick, we generally offer flowers and wish for speedy recovery. A study claims that this practice surely helps. Firstly, the person receiving flowers may feel happy for the concern someone is showing.

And secondly, flowers by their very nature give a boost to the emotional state of a person. All these aspects work on a sub conscious level.


Fact #3

In some alternative healing methods, roses are used for digestive issues and liver issues. Dandelion is used to treat anemia and jaundice. In fact, dandelion tea is said to purify blood.


Fact #4

Marigold flowers are used to heal minor cuts and injuries on the skin as they have antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. Valerian flowers are used to treat headaches and insomnia.


Fact #5

Even sunflower is used to treat sore throat, menstrual pain, ulcers and canker sores.


Fact #6

Some studies also claim that looking at fresh flowers every morning can reduce anxiety and reduce the risk of depression. Some flowers can also make you feel energetic.


Fact #7

In some places, flowers are kept near the bed and the pillows as their soothing presence helps fall asleep faster.


Fact #8

Some studies say that keeping plants and flowers indoors can boost your concentration. As plants supply oxygen to the indoor spaces your brain cells feel charged.


Fact #9

Alternative therapists admit that gardening is a healing activity. One reason why flower gardening can be healing is due to the floral scents that instantly relax your moods.

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