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Why Camphor Oil Is Used In Many Remedies?

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Are you wondering what camphor oil is good for? Camphor oil is an extract of camphor tree. One peculiar thing about camphor oil is its strong smell which also gives a healing effect.

Since centuries, camphor oil has been used externally as a remedy for many types of health issues. It is a good pain reliever and it also reduces itching. It is a good remedy for osteoarthritis, hemorrhoids, cold sores and warts.

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It can also treat respiratory issues and even cough. Here are some of the health benefits of camphor oil.


It Works Like A Decongestant

Actually, in most of the balms and vapour rubs, camphor oil is used mainly because it works like a decongestant. If you are suffering from stuffy nose or feel congestion in the chest, try massaging your chest with a few drops of camphor oil.


It Works Like An Analgesic

Camphor oil can work like a pain reliever too. If you have burns, insect stings, bites or warts which are causing pain, try to apply some camphor oil and experience relief.

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It Works Like An Anesthetic

Camphor oil can give a cooling sensation when it comes into contact with your skin. Using a drop to massage your scalp can help you sleep well.


It Is Anti-Inflammatory

If you are suffering from inflammatory issues like gout, rheumatism and arthritis, use camphor oil to massage the affected area for relief.


It Is Anti-Fungal

Camphor oil is anti fungal in nature. When applied topically, it can prevent fungal skin infections. Also, it is a natural insect repellent.

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Camphor oil can treat itchy sensation on skin and reduces irritation. It ca also heal chapped skin. Also, camphor can boost circulation when applied and massaged on skin.



Don't use camphor oil without consulting a doctor. Also, never consume it as it is toxic and could damage your liver.

Also, children and pregnant women should avoid camphor oil. If you have cuts or open wounds on skin, camphor oil may aggravate your pain when applied.

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