10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Ragi Balls/Mudde

By Ipsasweta
health benefits of ragi balls

Ancient grains are gaining a lot of prominence in today's era. Grains such as barley, ragi, brown rice, etc., are gaining prominence due to the various benefits they possess.

These whole grains have been classified to be some of the most beneficial foods and almost eradicate the side effects of processed and refined wheats.

Ragi balls can be consumed with curry or just like that depending on your preferences. It is rich in carbohydrates and proteins that makes it a great weight loss food. It is a staple food of south India.

Let's find out the benefits of ragi balls and embrace it in our daily diet!


#1 Weight Loss

As mentioned above, ragi balls are a great source of protein and healthy carbs. Apart from that, they contain a special amino acid called Tryptophan that helps in curbing appetite. Also, the high fibre content can satiate your hunger pangs. It is low in unsaturated fats, meaning it can make for an ideal weight loss food. This aids your digestion process, hence increasing your metabolism.

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#2 Increases Bone Strength

Apart from being a good source of protein and amino acids, it is also a good source of calcium. It is loaded with calcium and vitamin D which significantly help in increasing the strength of our bones. It is very beneficial if kids consume it in their growing stages or even if ageing adults do. It helps in preventing erosion of the bones in adults and avoids osteoporosis.


#3 Controls Diabetes

Regular consumption of ragi balls is closely associated in reducing the risk of diabetes due to the presence of dietary fibres and polyphenols. The high content of fibre actually slows down the whole process of digestion, hence lowering the blood sugar level. The low glycaemic index helps to deal with midnight cravings and overeating.

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#4 Reduces Cholesterol

It helps in reducing cholesterol by preventing the blood vessels from blocking and in turn preventing the formation of plague. It is one of the most effective ways to deal with blood and heart health and for lowering blood sugar levels. This also helps in cutting down the risk of various heart-related diseases. The amino acids help to prevent the formation of fats in the liver and control high blood pressure and hypertension.


#5 It Is A Good Source Of Protein

It is one of the most healthy and natural sources of proteins and the healthy amino acids present in it like calcium, iron, niacin, riboflavin, etc., that help in maintaining the overall health of the body. These minerals and vitamins help to maintain the metabolic rate, fight anxiety and depression and also boost the growth hormones for an overall development.


#6 Treats Anaemia

Ragi balls are very beneficial for people suffering from anaemia. Anaemia is a blood disorder which causes to lower the haemoglobin level significantly and gives body weakness. Vitamin C helps in restoring the blood levels back to normal by increasing the level of iron absorption in the body.


#7 Helps In Digestion

As mentioned earlier, the high level of dietary fibre helps in maintaining proper digestion and bowel movements in the body. The soluble and insoluble fibres help in proper circulation of blood in the body. It eases the passage of waste and helps in smoother bowel movements and healthier metabolism.


#8 Increases Lactation

All the pregnant ladies out there, this is what a ragi ball can do to your health as well as your baby's health. Being a great source of nutrients, it helps to produce more milk in a lactating mother. But the benefits of ragi does not stop there. It also helps to make the milk rich in iron, calcium and other amino acids that are extremely important for the baby.


#9 Reverts Skin Ageing

Who doesn't want an ever glowing and young skin? Here is the most healthy and easy way to get what you desire, by just consuming ragi balls on a daily basis. It locks the youthfulness and vitality of the skin by preventing premature ageing. The amino acids present in it help to maintain and create collagen that helps the tissues to repair and grow, thus making the skin lustrous.


#10 Relaxes The Body

Regular intake of ragi balls has been observed to have a positive impact on people suffering from anxiety, depression and insomnia. The presence of antioxidants such as tryptophan helps to relax the body. This is the most effective natural relaxant that can be used to treat these illnesses.

Here are a few but super-important ways in which ragi can benefit your health just with its regular consumption.

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