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Read This If You Are Suffering From Headaches During Periods

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Though there are so many reasons behind headaches, when you experience one during your period, it could be due to the changing levels of hormones.

Yes, some studies say that there could be a link between hormonal changes and headaches. The hormones progesterone and estrogen regulate the monthly cycles and they may also be the reason behind headaches during periods.

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Generally, when estrogen levels dip drastically, your headache could intensify. The fluctuations could cause headaches but your doctor can suggest a remedy. Some women suffering from migraines generally complain about headaches during periods. Here are some more facts.


Is It Common?

Nearly, 40% of the women are said to suffer from migraine during periods. The remaining 60% may experience a headache at least once in a lifetime during periods.


Track The Headache

It is better to maintain a dairy to track the headache. It is important to check whether the headache starts on the first day of the period, or during the period or towards the end of the period. A doctor can then figure out the reason and medicine for the headache.

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Preventive Measures

If the cycles are regular and headaches occur on the same time of the cycle every month, a doctor can also suggest a preventive measure or medicine which can stop the future headaches.



One simple remedy to try is an ice pack. Place a few ice cubes in a handkerchief and place it on your forehead for a few minutes. Also, try to relax and see.



If over-the-counter medicines don't work, consult a doctor who prescribes you non-steroidal-anti inflammatory medicines.

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Sudden Fluctuations

When it comes to hormonal ups and downs, sudden dips can cause chemical imbalances and when the brain gets affected by that imbalance, the throbbing pain starts.


What To Avoid?

If you are suffering from menstrual headaches, it is better to cut wine intake, gluten intake and sugar intake. Also, avoid foods like cured meat, fish and fermented foods that contain chemicals that trigger headaches. Also, drink lots of water and avoid stressful activities at least during the periods.

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