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Did You Suffer Headache After Orgasm? Read this!

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Did you ever experience headache after sex? Lovemaking is one of the most beautiful experiences that human beings can enjoy. But what if headaches spoil your experience?

Yes, some people tend to experience severe headaches after intercourse. This condition is known as coital cephalalgia.

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Such headaches occur either at the time of orgasm or much before the body gets ready to experience orgasm. Some people suffer headache after orgasm. Such a medical condition could make one hate the beautiful experience of lovemaking. Here are some more facts.


How Does Such Headaches Occur? The First Type

In some people, the headache starts slowly in the neck and head as the person gets excited in the bedroom. Gradually, mild headache turns intense and pains a lot.


The Second Type

In other cases, the headache attacks all of a sudden. It tends to be severe and is of throbbing in nature. Such headaches occur at the time of the orgasm.

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The Third Type

There is another type of sex headaches which occur after intercourse. The head seems to pain more when a person stands up and seems to pain less when one lies down on bed.


How Often Do They Occur?

In some, they occur once in a while whereas in others, these headaches are regular.

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Are They Dangerous?

No, these headaches cause a lot of pain but are not considered life threatening in most of the cases.


When To Worry?

In some people, headaches could just be sign of something else which is serious. For example, headaches could also be a sign of stroke, hemorrhage, aneurysm or cervical artery issues. So, consult a doctor to get it diagnosed.


What To Observe?

If headaches simply come and go, you don't need to worry. But watch other symptoms like vomiting, fainting or suffering stiff neck for days together. Such headaches with accompanying symptoms are dangerous.


Who Are Vulnerable?

Statistics say that men tend to suffer such headaches more than women. Also, those suffering with low blood sugar could also experience headaches during intercourse.

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Is There A Natural Remedy?

Eating foods rich in magnesium may help. Leafy greens, cashews, almonds and avocados may help. Avoid alcohol. But do not hesitate to talk to a doctor if you have ever experienced headache after intercourse.

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