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Ghee Adulteration: After Reading This, You Won't Buy Ghee From Unreliable Places!!

If you have the time, prepare your own ghee (clarified butter) at home. Or if you know about reliable brands that sell pure ghee, buy their products from the store.

But be careful while eating roadside food fried in oils or ghee sold by random sellers. Ghee is a derivative of milk. But adulterated ghee isn't a product of milk.

You will be shocked to know this. Adulterated ghee is made of crushed bones, animal fat, palm oil and some other dangerous chemicals. Shocked?


Fact #1

What happens if you consume adulterated ghee? Well, the animal remains present in it can cause a heart attack anytime. Blood circulation gets severely affected and this can kill you!


Fact #2

What happens if your ghee contains crushed bones? It could cause stroke. Gangrene is another possibility. Digestion gets affected. Your kidneys and liver may give up soon.


Fact #3

If the ghee contains toxins like lead anemia and brain issues could occur.


Fact #4

If the adulterated ghee comes with cadmium, it could cause certain types of cancers. It ruins the urinary tract and kidneys if used regularly.


Fact #5

If there is chromium, your liver and heart may struggle for existence.


Fact #6

If there is zinc in the adulterated ghee, it might cause miscarriage or abortion in pregnant mothers.


Fact #7

Last but not the least, adulterated ghee or oil causes obesity. And obesity brings with it many other health complications. So, carefully choose your oils and ghee from reliable places.

Story first published: Thursday, March 16, 2017, 12:44 [IST]
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