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Watch Out For These Gym Equipment Before Using, They Can Be Bacteria Carriers!

Bacteria in gym? Seriously! Well, this might give you goosebumps and you might think twice before getting your gym membership.

So, if you are a fitness freak and spend hours working out in the gym, then you need to watch it out. As a new study has found that certain equipment in the gym contain bacteria that can be more harmful than the bacteria in your toilet.

For the study, samples from 27 pieces of equipment from three large gym chains were taken into consideration.

Also, one should be aware of the fact that just by touching the surface with bacteria, it does not make you sick. But the bacteria tested from the equipment during the study were found to be extremely harmful.

So, how can we prevent the bacteria from affecting us at the gym then? The best way out is to wipe the workout machines before you use them.

This apart, washing your hands properly post workout, before eating and touching your face or for that matter any of the body parts can actually help prevent the bacteria from affecting you.

Listed here are a few of the gym equipment that can be a carrier of bacteria. Check them out.


1. Treadmills:

Spending long time running on the treadmills can make you sweat and your sweat starts dripping all over the machine. The towel most people carry are kept on the side bar of the machine. This could be more unhygienic. Treadmill could prove to be a breeding ground for bacteria and can lead to skin infections and pneumonia.


2. Dumbbells:

Dumbbells are yet another of the gym equipment that can be a possible bacteria carrier. As you lift the dumbbells, the sweat from the hands and body tends to spread around the equipment and could form a breeding ground for the bacteria.


3. Cross Trainers:

Your hands tend to sweat when you work out on the cross trainers. You might notice sweat spread around the cross trainer handles and this is how you will be prone to catch bacterial infection from other people's sweat.


4. Ab Benches:

Generally, people come to the ab benches only after they have done a good warm-up with other equipment. The moment one comes in to the ab benches and start up, after a while, they start sweating and the sweat starts sticking to the benches, thus forming a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria. So, the next person who comes in surely gets exposed to bacterial infection.


5. Pull-up Bars:

Pull-up bars are yet another equipment in the gym that can be a breeding ground for bacteria. The sweat from one's hand provides the warm temperature for the bacteria to multiply and affects the one using them.

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Story first published: Sunday, December 10, 2017, 8:30 [IST]
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