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How To Use Garlic And Wine For Cholesterol And Fat Issues


Instead of taking teaspoons of tonics and medicines, you can sip a natural tonic-like mixture made of garlic and red wine to cure a lot of health issues.

But wait! As this recipe is made of wine, use it only if you are not an addict to alcohol. Also, use it only if you are above 30 years old.

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This mixture can purify your blood, boost immunity and enhance the functions of various organs. It also helps you in maintaining healthy weight and flushing out toxins.



You will need 12 garlic cloves and 500ml of red wine. Remove the peels of the garlic.


How To Prepare

Slice all the peeled garlic cloves into small pieces. Place all of them in a jar. Add the red wine to the jar.

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Step 2

Cover the jar with a lid and place it in a room near a window where sunlight falls on the jar for 15 days. Every morning, shake the jar well.


Step 3

After the 15th day, move the contents of the jar to another jar and store it in a dark place for 15 more days.


How To Consume

After the storage process is over, consume a tablespoon of the mixture thrice a day. Do it for 30 days and stop. After 6 months, again consume a tablespoon of the mixture thrice a day for 30 days and stop it.

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How Does It Help?

This mixture contains antibacterial properties, anti-cancer properties, anti-inflammatory agents and antibiotic properties too.


What Can It Do?

This mixture boosts energy levels, cleanses your blood, flushes out toxins, decreases bad cholesterol levels, boosts metabolism and treats inflammatory diseases. It also burns fat and boosts the health of blood vessels too.


The Role Of Red Wine

Resveratrol is a compound in red wine which is good for health. Also, it contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This mixture of garlic and red wine can also inhibit the growth of cancer cells and help in preventing heart diseases too.

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