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Weather Change: Foods That Help In Boosting Immunity & Prevent Infections

Weather change is always like an unwelcome guest. Weather change affects all in various forms, ranging from cold to allergies. The season change flourishes different types of viruses that our body cannot resist.

The main reason can be low immune power. In this situation, you need to find some ways to boost your immune system. There are many foods that can help boost immunity and thereby prevent infections.

Don't rush to a medical store or doctor if you are down with a flu or cold. First go to your kitchen and you will find many foods that can boost immunity and prevent infections.

Foods, which are known as immune system boosters, are ample and easily available in the market. As the saying goes 'Prevention is better than cure', try to include foods to boost immunity and prevent infections in your diet before you get ill during seasonal changes.

A person who follows a balanced diet experiences less discomfort during any weather change. Now, it is the time of weather change, embark your diet with immune system boosters and enjoy the change.

Here you can find some of the foods to boost immunity and prevent infections:


Citrus Fruits:

Turn towards Vitamin C when you have cold or flu. Inexpensive and easily available citrus fruits are rich sources of Vitamin C that helps to keep you healthy. The reason is simple that vitamin C has the capacity to increase white blood cells and make your immunity system work effectively. As vitamin C is not stored or produced in your body, you need to consume it daily for a healthy and fit body.



Broccoli is packed with vitamins, including A,C and E. Along with these nutrients, it is a rich source of excellent antioxidants. To boost your immunity and prevent infections, broccoli can play a vital role. Raw or less cooked broccoli gives better results.



Turmeric, the miracle spice, can work wonders in your body. Daily intake of turmeric will help relieve toxins from the body to aid detoxification. Turmeric can prevent and treat infections and inflammations. One glass of warm milk with one teaspoon of turmeric is the best drink for a fast immune system boost up.


Chicken Soup:

Warm chicken soup is an age-old dish to recover from cold, flu or sore throats. It will also boost your immunity. While cooking, chicken releases amino acid called cysteine that can treat bronchitis. So you can say, chicken soups are the best way to keep away from illness due to weather change.



Garlic is not only used to increase the taste or aroma of any cuisine, but also is an excellent immune booster. Almost all cuisines around the world have garlic as an ingredient. It has the ability to fight against infections and protect you from weather changes.



Sore throat, flu, cold, or any chronic pain can be relieved with ginger. Like garlic, ginger is also a well-known or well-used ingredient in many places. If taken regularly, it will manage cold even from the beginning stage, so that you will not get seriously affected.



Yes, yogurt fights against infections and is one of the foods to boost immunity. It comes with Vitamin D that aids in regulating the immune system and also boosts the body's natural defence system and keeps you away from many seasonal change illnesses.

Story first published: Monday, March 13, 2017, 7:30 [IST]
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