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We Are Sure You Have Never Guessed These Popular Food Combinations That Can Ruin Your Health

By Sravia Sivaram

There are a number of food combinations that actually look normal but can gift you with seriously bad effects. It can affect your digestion badly and can even make you sick.

You may be surprised to find that even the healthy food combinations that you eat could be causing you gastric trouble or even food poisoning.

Food poisoning can also turn out to become a potentially life-threatening condition. But knowing which food pairings are risky and avoiding them can actually help.

Apart from affecting your digestive system, some food pairings can create other consequences like gas, bloating, nausea, fatigue, stomach ache and other digestive issues.

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In this article, we have listed some of the popular and bad food combinations that can make you sick. Read further to know more.


1. Sandwich And Coffee:

The problem with this combination is that the simple carbs in bread can prevent the calcium from being digested properly and this can spell trouble for your nervous and cardiovascular systems.


2. Tomatoes And Cucumbers:

Latest research has shown that combining these two vegetables can disturb the biochemical pathways of our body. This can lead to excessive calcification and swelling. Further, the vitamins contained in both the vegetables won't be digested properly. This is one of the bad food combinations that can make you sick.


3. Potato And Meat:

This is known to be a very heavy combination. The starch contained in potatoes demand alkalotic digestive fluids and the proteins from the meat demand acidic ones. When eaten together, they can get stuck inside the stomach and can bring disorders like heartburn, belching, gas and many others. This is one of the dangerous food combinations that can spoil your health.


4. Pasta And Minced Meat:

This has to be avoided because the salivary glands that produce ptyalin and amylase can transform the starch in pasta to simple sugars. When this sugar covers the protein in meat, they can create a dangerous chemical mixture that can lead to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


5. Beer And Nuts:

This is undeniably the most popular combo that we love! Everyone are big fans of salty nuts while drinking beer. But high salty foods can make you more dehydrated and can increase your likelihood to have another mug of beer.


6. Dairy And Pineapple:

Sour fruits can make your digestion slower in the morning. Further, pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that can cause intoxication when combined with dairy products. This is also one of the foods combinations that can ruin health.


7. Milk And Banana:

Some nutritionists believe that fruits, especially sweet ones, must be consumed separately. This is because, they stay inside the body for longer and slow down the digestive system, especially when eaten with other foods. When it comes to milk, it is considered better to drink it separately.

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