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These Foods Do More Harm Than Good To Your Body

By Sravia Sivaram

Healthy foods full of promises are on the rise these days. Several ads lure us into believing that the products are very good for us.

These so-called healthy foods do more harm than good to your body. There is a lot of confusion out there about what kind of foods are healthy and what are not.

If you want to remain healthy and not gain weight, then it is strictly recommended that you do not eat these foods.

Foods that have been subjected to excessive modern processing are only full of chemicals. They are rendered to such an unrecognisable extent that the body will not know what to do with them.

Here, we have listed the foods that are harmful for your health. So, read further to know about the list of bad foods that you need to keep off from.


1. Fruit Juice:

It is mostly the chemicals in the fruit juice that gives them the perfect colour and taste. So, all that we are actually drinking is fruit-flavoured water full of sugar.


2. Granola Bars:

These are bar snacks which have nuts and fruits or are high in fibre. But they are all high in sugar and very low in nutrients as well.


3. Baked Beans:

Beans are high in fibre and are also good plant-based sources of fibre. But this is not the case with baked beans.


4. Pretzels:

These are considered to be a healthy snack praised by people the world over. But these lack nutritional value and contain high levels of sodium and no protein.


5. Veggie Chips:

Veggie chips are highly processed and contain almost no nutritional value. It is recommended to go for raw veggies instead.


6. Processed Low-fat Foods:

When fat is removed from the sugar, it doesn't taste good. Hence, to make it tastier, manufacturers started adding more sugars to it.


7. Rice Crackers:

These rice crackers lack fibre and protein and are considered as a carb-dense snack.


8. Sports Drinks:

Sports drink is just flavoured water with sugar and electrolytes. Opting for drinking water is considered better rather than going in for sports drinks.


9. Nuts:

Nuts are healthy when eaten in moderation. Nuts can give you all the energy that you need. But more nuts mean more of calories.


10. Processed Organic Or Gluten-free Foods:

These products are extremely high in sugar and contain refined grains and unhealthy oils that make them nutrient poor.

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