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Surprising Factors That Can Trigger Psoriasis

By Chandreyee Sen

Have you noticed red, itchy, scaly patches of skin on your back or scalp? Then, stop ignoring it. It can be psoriasis.

It is an autoimmune skin disease that may vary from small patches to those patches covering all over the body. In most of the cases, it is seen that plaque psoriasis affects a majority of people. It comes as red patches with white skin.

It is assumed to be caused genetically, and so far there has been no proper treatment to cure it.

But yes, definitely there are medications and ointments available to stop its growth and provide you relief.

So, if you see any such abnormalities on your skin, then don't mistake it for a normal skin allergy. Consult a dermatologist immediately.

But before going for any medication, know about a few factors that can trigger your psoriasis even more and try to take preventative measures against the same.


1. Stress:

Stress is a common factor that triggers most of our health problems from increased blood pressure level to cardiac arrest. Psoriasis also falls in its prey. Stress has the factor to escalate psoriasis and lead to further spreading. This is because when a psoriasis patient is under a stressful situation, the level of stress hormone cortisol increases. A psoriasis patient has a higher level of stress hormone than an ordinary individual. So, it is important for a psoriasis patient to relax as much as they can.


2. Bacterial Infection:

Bad bacteria often lead to diseases and weaken the immune system. And anything that weakens the immune system can be detrimental for a psoriasis patient. Bacterial infection in such an individual can further lead to the associated health hazards like bronchitis, tonsillitis, respiratory problem, etc. Thus, it is extremely important that a psoriasis patient is kept away from germs, especially bacteria and immediate medical help should be taken.


3. Dry Skin:

Psoriasis can get triggered as a result of dry skin. This is because when there is less moisture in your skin, it becomes itchy and leads to further deterioration. In some cases, it can even bleed. As psoriasis patients cannot use normal moisturizers, so use the prescribed ointment regularly on the affected areas to prevent the skin from drying up.


4. Insect Bites:

People who are suffering from psoriasis, it is important to protect them from insect bites. Though an insect bite directly doesn't cause psoriasis, but the breaking that it creates on the skin can flare up psoriasis and lead to the infection spreading. Moreover, itching the affected area can even cause bleeding. So, it is imperative to maintain a clean hygiene for a psoriasis patient and use repellents for eradicating insects.


5. Burns:

Any irritation on the skin's surface of a psoriasis patient can flare it up and lead to an outbreak. It is important for such patients to maintain distance from fire substances. Any blister on the skin can create a break and will have a detrimental effect. Apply an ointment to prevent any burn or blister on the skin.


6. Smoking:

Studies reveal that smoking escalates psoriasis in patients who are suffering from chronic plaque psoriasis. It is seen that an active smoker is more vulnerable to be infected with this disease than a non-active one. So, as we know, smoking is injurious to health and especially for psoriasis, it is better to quit it now.


7. Alcohol:

Are you too inclined towards your wine glass? Well, now is the time to quit or limit it. As a psoriasis patient if you continue to consume alcohol in a large amount, then it can trigger up your disease and make it even worse. It can even lead to dryness on the skin and as you know, dry skin for a psoriasis individual can lead to bleeding as well. Further, it also reduces your capability to respond to psoriasis medication, causes liver damage, and adds on more kilos, thereby leaving a person suffer this peril.


8. Lack Of Sun Exposure:

For most people, it is seen that an exposure to sunlight for a short period of time aids in the disappearance of psoriasis for some time. This is because the UVB light from the sun helps to slow down the growth of psoriasis on your skin cells, which is responsible for inflammation. Besides, UVB provides adequate amount of vitamin D to your body to make the bones stronger. So, it is important for a psoriasis-affected individual to have some amount of sunlight every day. Lack of sun exposure can trigger up your peril.


9. Certain Medicine:

Medication can often flare up psoriasis, especially the ones used for the cardiac ailment. Steroids such as cortisone are beneficial for psoriasis, but if consumed orally, it can become a trigger. Apart from these, lithium, antimalarials like plaquenil, quinacrine, etc., high blood pressure medication, quinidine and indomethacin can flare-up psoriasis. So, before consuming any medication, it is advisable to seek a medical opinion for better health.

These are some of the factors that can trigger psoriasis and make you suffer more. Check for these and take preventative measures against the same.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 23, 2017, 17:56 [IST]
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