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Everyday Activities That Can Damage Your Spine Overtime

By Sravia Sivaram

The spine is the backbone of the body that keeps the whole system together. It is very important that you take care of it at any age.

The spine is considered to be very strong, but at the same time it is extremely delicate, fragile and detailed.

Even the smallest pinched nerve can leave you bedridden for weeks as the pain is known to be agonizing.

This is one of the many reasons why you need to protect your spine. But did you know that some everyday activities and movements can actually be damaging your spine slowly?

It is required that you perform these activities correctly in order to not wreck problems on your spine's health.

In this article we have listed some of the everyday activities that can damage your spine. Read further to know the activities that can damage your spine overtime.


1. Brushing Your Teeth:

We usually stand, everyday, while brushing our teeth. The pressure on the spine is higher during this time than when we walk. Hence you must try to avoid the pressure that you put on the spine while standing.

Try to lean on the wall or sink with a free hand as you brush. This is one of the everyday activities that can damage your spine when done wrongly.


2. Washing Utensils:

While washing utensils, you usually stand in a half bent position with strained arms. Due to this, the intervertebral discs of the thoracic section wear out quickly. This can lead to pain in between the shoulder blades.

Placing a stool under the knee when you wash will help lower the pressure.


3. Changing A Car Wheel:

Doing this can give you a pain in the back for the rest of the day. You should not bend down to the wheel while trying to change it. Instead you have to sit on the ground, so that your eyes are on the same level as that of the car's fender.


4. Carrying Bags From The Supermarket:

Carrying just one heavy bag is totally not recommended. You need to divide the contents into two covers and carry them using two hands. This will save your spine from the extra pressure. This is another activity that can damage your spine.


5. Washing The Floor:

Never wash the floor with your hands and a floorcloth. You need to use a mop or a brush instead. The former methods will put strain on your legs, back and harms your spine. This is another harmful habit for your spine.


6. Lacing Up Your Shoes:

Anything that we do in a bent posture can harm our intervertebral discs. Under constant pressure, nutritional substances leave the spine and it flattens. This can result in jabbing pain in that area. It is recommended that you tie your lace in a seated position and do not bend over.


7. Carrying A Backpack:

Backpacks have two straps for a reason, so the load is evenly distributed on our back. Hence it is necessary to carry it while wearing both straps. Backpacks with better shock absorption will lower the pressure on the neck and spine.

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Story first published: Monday, August 21, 2017, 17:05 [IST]
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