8 Herbal Home Remedies To Fight Bird Flu Virus

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Bird flu, also known as Avian flu, is a flu that was believed to affect only birds, mostly chickens. Later, it was found that even humans were also affected by this disease because of the deadly bird flu virus.

Avian influenza virus can spread easily through contaminated water and dirt. There are no conventional methods for treating avian flu and the symptoms of this disease include cough, sore throat, fever, muscle aches and eye infection. This article helps you in finding out the top home remedies for bird flu.

bird flu home remedies

Sometimes infected people can also develop respiratory problems and pneumonia. Although concentrated medical attention is required for this, it was found out that this influenza virus often became resistant to prescribed medicines. This often made it difficult to fight off this infection. However, this article will let you know how to prevent bird flu in the initial stage with the help of home remedies.

These remedies also help to strengthen the immune system, so that the body will be able to fight the infection better.

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Continue reading to know more about the best home remedies for bird flu.


1. Astragalus:

It is known as an immune-enhancing herb that supports the bone marrow by increasing the production of interferon. It builds blood cells which can inturn help fight diseases and this helps to resist and fight the bird flu virus in the body.


2. Echinacea:

This herb is known as a blood purifier and a natural immune system booster that helps in strengthening the system against this virus.


3. Garlic:

Being known for its anti-viral and antibiotic properties, it has the ability to protect and fight against the bird flu virus. It is regarded as one of the best known home remedies to treat bird flu.


4. Forysthia:

This herb has strong antiviral properties and when mixed with lemon balm, it has the ability to fight the avian flu virus, this building the body's immune strength.


5. Turmeric:

Turmeric contains curcumin and is known for its anti-inflammatory property. It helps in stimulating the immunoprotective agents and it averts the risk of avian flu inflammation.


6. Cayenne Pepper:

Cayenne pepper helps in dilating the body's pores and allows sweating. This encourages the release of toxins and hence is effective to fight against the bird flu virus. It also strengthens the immune system. Consuming this every day is the best bird flu prevention measure.


7. Olive Leaf Extract:

It contains both anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and it strengthens the immune system. It also supports the blood and lymphatic systems to fight the bird flu virus. It is regarded as one of the best known home remedies for treating bird flu.


8. Oil Of Oregano:

The germ-killing ability of this oil was found to be as potent as that of antibiotics, which makes it a natural antiviral treatment for beating avian flu.


9. Honeysuckle:

Honeysuckle is known for its antiviral properties that help in increasing the body's ability to fight the avian flu virus. It is also known to be a best known home remedy for bird flu.

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