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Does Smoking Cause Headache?


Firstly, nicotine can kill the effectiveness of headache medicines. It can affect the liver 's capacity to make full use of headache medication. This could be one reason why headaches don't subside fast in smokers in spite of medication.

Smoking can also reduce the beneficial effects of your diet and exercise. And when it comes to the actual link between smoking and headaches, researchers are still confused.

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Some studies show a link between smoking and headaches whereas other studies show conflicting results. So, researchers are confused. But smoking is harmful and yes, it has a link with headaches. Read on.


Fact #1

A study revealed that smoking seems to increase the risk of cluster headaches. But still, smoking isn't directly related to cluster headaches.


Fact #2

For some people, even the smell of tobacco or smoke can trigger a headache. In people suffering from migraine, smoking quickly triggers a headache.

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Fact #3

This is another link between smoking and headaches; people who suffer headaches due to overuse of pain killers tend to smoke more without knowing.


Fact #4

Smoke can pump carbon monoxide into your brain and blood which can increase the chances of getting a headache.

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Fact #5

Smoking also deprives the tissues of oxygen and this could act like a trigger for headaches.

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Fact #6

The numerous chemicals present in a cigarettes could have a very toxic effect on both liver and the brain and this could be another trigger for headaches.

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