Does Alcohol Lower Testosterone Levels?

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Alcohol is a depressant. Several compounds present in the drinks that intoxicate you are almost toxic to your body.

What does alcohol do to your endocrine system? Does it affect your testosterone levels? Alcohol slows down various functions of your body. In fact, it sheds your inhibitions exactly for the same reason.

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And then if you have dreams to perform well in bed after a few drinks, then remember that it is going to be a disaster. Read on to know more...


Fact #1

Especially in men, the reason why sexual function could drastically diminish after drink is because of the dip in testosterone.


Fact #2

Though occasional social peg may not affect your testosterone levels, high dosage in a single session will dramatically drop your T levels.

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Fact #3

The testosterone levels of men who drink more than thrice a week are said to tank drastically. Gradually, erections become a challenging task.


Fact #4

When you drink, you tend to feel relaxed. Why? This is because your brain releases beta-opioid endorphins after you drink. But they could also affect the synthesis of testosterone too.

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Fact #5

Also, alcohol is said to cause damage to certain cells and tissues in the reproductive area. Also, it could damage molecules of testosterone.


Fact #6

But limited consumption of alcohol in very small dosages could temporarily spike testosterone levels. Anything more than 2-3 pegs will mess up your testosterone levels and may spoil your love life.

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