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Do Tattoos Affect Your Workout?


Do tattoos affect exercise? Today, its cool to sport a tattoo that speaks volumes about your attitude. That gives you a unique identity and that's what gives you pride.

But a new study claims that tattoos can interfere with the way your body sweats! Do tattoos affect sweat glands? Yes, and that isn't good for your health in the long run.


9 Dangerous Side Effects Of Tattoos!

We already know a lot about the health effects of tattoos but this new study claims that tattoos directly affect the sweat glands. Let us see how.


Do Tattoos Affect Your Workout?

Researchers studied a group of men who had tattoos to come to this conclusion. A chemical was used to stimulate the sweat glands of the participants. Once the sweat was released, data was recorded.


Tattoos May Block Sweat

What surprised the researchers was that the skin where the tattoo existed secreted 50% less sweat whereas the skin in other areas released more sweat!

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They Affect Sodium Levels In The Sweat!

Researchers observed something else too. The sodium levels in the sweat that secreted from the tattooed areas was almost double!


Any Risk?

Is there any risk because of this? Well, when a person's body is entirely filled with tattoos, heat management would be tougher as the body may not be able to cool itself faster through releasing sweat when the climate is too hot.

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Tattoos Make It Tough To Bear The Heat

Researchers opine that people who need to work in heat (soldiers, athletes or fire fighters) may need to stay away from tattoos.


How Tattoos Kill Your Workout

Do tattoos affect exercise? If you regularly hit the gym, imagine how much your body would struggle after a workout if tattoos block the ability to sweat normally?


Its Too Early To Conclude!

Well, as this is a study which is first of its kind, health experts aren't sure whether to take the findings seriously. A lot more needs to be studied to know whether tattoos hamper your sweat pores.

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