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Follow These Daily Habits To Reduce Back Pain Quickly!

By Chandana Rao

It is common knowledge that every human being is prone to suffer from some kind of ailment in their life, right?

While some people are lucky enough to not be affected by any major ailments, the others can become victims to certain serious diseases.

Now, when we talk about diseases or ailments, many people just think of the serious ones like cancer, AIDS, etc.

What many of us may fail to understand is that even minor disorders like constant pain in certain areas of our body can seriously affect a person's health and consequently his/her life!

Yes, imagine living with constant pain for days on end! It could prove to be a very negative thing.

Even if the pain is not acute, but it happens on a daily basis, it can hinder a person's daily activities and make his/her life more stressful!

It is said that stomach pain, headache and back pain are some of the worst kinds of pain that people experience, especially if it is on a daily basis.

Back pain can prove to be bothersome because it curbs movement to a great extent.

Depending on the extent of pain, even things like walking and sitting could be difficult.

Many people resort to taking strong painkillers on a daily basis, which is definitely not healthy!

So, if you want to reduce back pain naturally, follow these simple daily habits.


1. Pillow Trick

While you are lying in bed for a long time, place a pillow under your knees. This habit elevates your legs and reduces the pressure applied on your back while you lie down, to reduce the pain.


2. Stronger Core

Practice core-strengthening exercises, for at least 15-20 minutes every day. Stronger abdominal muscles can help you have a flexible back, thus reducing the pain!


3. Watch Your Weight

One of the main reasons of back pain can be being overweight or obese, as the weight of the upper body applies a lot of strain on the back. So, maintain a healthy weight by making certain lifestyle changes, like eating healthy and having a strict exercise regime.


4. Perform Stretches

Stretching the muscles of your back for at least 15 minutes every day can help you find relief from back pain, as the stretches designed specifically for the back can help reduce the inflammation and stiffness in that area.


5. Watch Your Posture

Having the wrong posture while sitting, standing or lying down can result in back pain. So, ensure that you make a conscious effort to have the right posture. Not slouching and sitting on a chair that supports your back well, can surely make a difference.


6. Consume More Calcium

Making calcium-rich foods like milk, eggs, fish, etc., a part of your diet can help strengthen your backbones, thus reducing the pain.


7. Right Footwear

Ensure that you pick the right kind of footwear, which are comfortable and easy to walk in. High heels and ill-fitting footwear can also cause back pain!


8. Quit Smoking

Research studies have shown that smoking can increase inflammation in the body and worsen conditions like back pain. So, quitting smoking can help reduce back pain to a great extent.

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Story first published: Saturday, June 3, 2017, 13:00 [IST]
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