Consume Lemon-Ginger Water Everyday For Weight Loss & Other Benefits

By Sravia Sivaram

Ginger-lemon water can be used as the best formula for slimming the body because it is effective to burn the fat that accumulates. The vitamin C in lemon also helps in reducing the abdomen.

The combinations of these ingredients are necessary to lose weight naturally. This herb when infused in beverages will make it easier for body to absorb the existing nutrients.

Lemons contain several nutrients like vitamin C, B6, polyphenols, terpenes, naringin, hesperidin, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium and food fibre. 
Meanwhile, ginger is also choked with several nutrients like essential oil, bisabolene, gingerol etc.

In addition to weight loss, this herbal drink has several benefits. Read further to know about the health benefits of lemon ginger water.


1. Improves the Immune System:

This drink contains vitamin C and is very in maintaining the body's immune system. A strong immune system will make you feel healthy and makes you run your activity to the fullest.


2. Wards Off Free Radicals:

This drink contains antioxidants . These are necessary to fight free radicals and diseases that can endanger your health.


3. Overcomes Stomach Heart burn:

If you experience stomach ache, it is recommended to drink lemon-ginger water. Ginger mainly helps in overcoming stomach related issues.


4. Maintains Healthy Skin :

You can get healthy skin naturally by having this drink. It contains vitamin C that keeps your skin healthy.


5. Warms The Body:

Ginger has a spicy flavour that warms the body. This drink is suitable or consumption during cold weather or late afternoon.


6. Overcoming Migraine:

A migraine and headache can quickly be overcome with lemon and ginger water. Hence it is recommended to drink this when you're down with migraine.


7. Prevents Cancer:

The antioxidants in this beverage will help prevent you from cancer. This is because the antioxidants serve to fight diseases that attack the health of the body.


8. Alleviates Motion Sickness:

The spicy flavour in ginger and the unique flavour of lemon will help ease the vehicle drunkenness.


9. As A Cough Medicine:

Cough is caused by bacteria in the throat that can cause itching. By drinking this beverage, cough can be overcome immediately. The ingredients in this beverage can be used as an antibacterial to relieve a cough.


10. Improves Fertility:

Studies have shown that ginger contains substances that can increase the vitality in men. Ginger can also overcome erectile dysfunction and increases libido.

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