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10 Surprising Causes Of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) That You Must Know

By Chandana Rao

Imagine this, you wake up in the morning and sit down to pass urine like you do every day, and the minute you start to do it, you experience an unbearable burning sensation and pain in your genitals!

Well, it can make a person feel rather scared and put them under a lot of pain and discomfort, especially if they are experiencing it for the first time, right?

Noticing a burning sensation and pain while passing urine are sure-fire signs of a urinary tract infection and this condition must not be ignored.

Now, we know that there are a number of diseases which affect humans in our lifetime and some of them are worse than the others.

For example, when we suffer from a headache or a mild joint pain, we may not think too much about it and just take a few medications to get rid of the symptoms.

However, when we experience something more severe, like a persistent migraine, mouth ulcers, etc., it could come in the way of our daily activities like eating, going to work, etc. So, these ailments, even though minor, could cause a lot of concern.

Similarly, even urinary tract infection, even though not a serious disease, can affect people's daily activities in a significant way.

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a bacterial infection which can affect any part of the urinary tract, which includes the kidneys, bladder and the urethra.

When certain harmful bacteria get into your urinary tract from the outside, they breed quickly inside the tract and multiply and cause painful symptoms.

Some of the main symptoms of UTI are pelvic pain, frequent urination, burning sensation and pain while urinating, itching in the genitals, blood in the urine, flu, vaginal discharge, etc.

Both men and women can be affected by UTI; however, it is more common in the women.

Here are a few unexpected causes of UTI for you to know! Check it out.


1. Constipation

When people are experiencing constipation, wherein they cannot pass stools with ease, they usually strain their rectal muscles in an effort to force the stools out. When a lot of strain is applied on the rectal muscles, the bladder, which is in the vicinity, can also get inflamed and infected, leading to UTIs.


2. Diarrhoea

Diarrhoea is the opposite of constipation, where a person experiences loose stools, due to stomach infections or other reasons. The bacteria in the infected loose stools can get into the urinary tract, as the rectum and urethra are close by, and then breed inside the tract, causing a urinary tract infection.


3. Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the body does not produce enough of insulin, thus increasing the blood sugar levels. The high level of glucose in the blood may not get filtered out well and could get stuck in the kidneys, thus causing a urinary tract infection.


4. Unprotected Sex

Research studies have claimed that using a condom while indulging in sexual intercourse can reduce the chances of getting a UTI, especially when compared to having an unsafe sex. During unsafe sex, the bacteria on the genitals of your partner can get into your urinary tract, causing an infection.


5. Holding In The Urine For Too Long

Whether it is because of your busy schedule, or because you travel a lot, or you just have this bad habit - holding in urine for a long time, on a regular basis, can push back the bacteria into your urinary tract and cause the infection.


6. Dehydration

If you are dehydrated due to certain medical reasons, you may not be able to pass enough urine, so the bacteria and toxins get trapped in the kidney and lead to a urinary tract infection. Also, if you are not drinking enough water, the same effects can occur in your body, leading to a UTI.


7. Using Birth Control Pills

Using birth control pills could cause certain hormonal changes in your body, which are linked to UTIs. Also, using other forms of birth control measures ike diaphragms, spermicides, etc., can also introduce bacteria into a woman's urethra, causing urinary tract infection.


8. Kidney Stones

One of the silent signs of frequent urinary tract infections is the presence of kidney stones, which is a serious condition. The stones present in the kidney can cause inflammation in the urinary tract. So, frequent UTIs must not be taken lightly.


9. Use Of Feminine Hygiene Products

Many women use feminine products like douches, sprays and vaginal deodorants, which claim to keep the area refreshed. However, the chemicals used to prepare these products can also stimulate the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract, causing an infection.


10. Consuming Unhygienic Meat

If you are someone who consumes meat from unhygienic places, especially chicken, it could also be one of the causes for UTI, as these meats contain a bacteria known as E. coli, which gets into your system and infects the kidneys and the urinary tract!

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 20, 2017, 15:17 [IST]
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