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7 Surprising Reasons For Excessive Vaginal Discharge!

By Chandana Rao

Ladies, the majority of us who read this title would be interested in reading further, because we are not new to what is known as the "white discharge", right?

Well, there are a lot of processes that occur in a human body, on a regular basis and in most cases, they may not be something to be worried about.

However, when these normal or natural phenomena show certain signs of abnormality, then it is time to have a closer look at your health and lifestyle habits.

People experience different phenomena, depending on the age, gender and their health conditions.

For example, it is rather common for girls around the age of puberty to experience chest pain, as their breast tissues are developing.

Similarly, a boy around the same age could experience a change in his voice, due to the activities of testosterone.

So, there are a lot of hormonal and enzyme-related activities that keep going on in our bodies throughout our lives, which may give rise to certain symptoms.

Ways To Tighten Your Vagina

Premenstrual syndrome that most women experience just before getting their monthy periods, in which they may have mood swings, excess hunger, cramps, etc., is also one such common, yet natural occurrence.

Now, "white discharge" is also a common symptom experienced by most women.

The slightly thick, white-ish discharge, that comes out of a woman's vagina and is usually seen on the inner lining of the panties, is nothing but the vaginal discharge or "white discharge".

Vaginal discharge is a natural way in which the vagina expels the waste and cleans itself naturally, so a small amount of white discharge is normal.

Signs Of Unhealthy Vagina

However, many a times, the discharge could be excessive, have foul odour, could be dark in colour, etc. In such cases, one must get oneself checked.

So, here are a few causes for excessive or abnormal "white discharge" in women.


1. STI

If you are suffering from sexually transmitted infections, caused by unprotected sex with an infected person (STI), it could lead to excessive, foul smelling discharge, coupled with itching and burning sensations.


2. Yeast Infection

When there is a growth of fungus in the inner lining of your vagina, it could lead to an yeast infection, causing excessive and putrid "white discharge".


3. Ovulation

Most women experience excessive vaginal discharge once a month, when they are ovulating, which means, they are in their most fertile phase in that month.


4. IUD

If you are a woman who is using intrauterine devices (IUDs) to prevent pregnancies, then there is a chance of your vagina getting infected by this foreign body inside, causing excessive discharge.


5. Allergies

Using perfumed soaps, vaginal douche, sprays, lubricants, etc., can cause allergic reaction in some women, leading to infection and the consequent excessive vaginal discharge.


6. Condoms

Sometimes, when people use flavoured or scented condoms during sex, it could also have a negative reaction on the woman and infect her vagina, leading to abnormal discharge.


7. UTI

If you are suffering from urinary tract infection (UTI), the excessive and foul-smelling vaginal discharge would be one of the symptoms.

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