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    5 Cancer-causing Foods That We Unknowingly Consume Every Day!

    By Needhi Gandhi

    Cancer is known to be the deadliest of diseases in the modern world, which claims numerous lives every day all over the world.

    There are many varieties of cancer, most of which cannot be cured if detected at the mid-level or at the final stage of this fatal disease.

    The doctors and biomedical scientists are continuously researching for discovering the causes of cancer and their effective cures, to save the common people from all types of cancer.

    cancer causing foods

    It is seen that people unknowingly use many chemical products in their daily life and eat different kinds of foods that may cause cancer in many people.

    Actually, the body system of some people may act adversely to a few natural and artificial substances, which should be avoided for preventing the growth of cancerous cells in the body.

    Many instances of cancer could have been prevented only by the proper awareness among the people about avoiding those apparently innocent products, which have been now discovered to be the vital reasons of cancer.

    Have a look below to know of some of the worst cancer-causing foods which we must make sure to avoid eating every day.


    1. Alcoholic Drinks:

    Many men and women have the habit of taking different types of alcoholic drinks regularly. Prolonged research has now established that daily intake of too much alcohol is more likely to cause cancer in different parts of the digestive tract. The elderly women are often diagnosed with breast cancer due to their drinking habit as well.


    2. Canned Food Products:

    While the fresh fruits and vegetables are always known to be healthy, the canned foods are discovered to be a serious cause of cancer in the human body. Actually, the inner walls of these metallic cans contain a chemical called Bisphenol-A, or simply BPA. This chemical is dangerous for human health and most likely to trigger cancer when it mixes with the foods stored in these cans. Mainly the foods with acidic nature, like tomatoes, become sure causes of cancer.


    3. Grilled Meat Or Fish:

    Lots of people love to eat grilled meat or fish due to the brilliant spicy tastes of these dishes. But when meat or fish is subjected to a high temperature of the direct flame, a few harmful chemicals are created within these foods that can cause cancer. These unhealthy hydrocarbons and amines are known to be the vital reasons for prostate cancer and colorectal cancer in human beings.


    4. Soda Drinks:

    Many popular soft drinks are mixed with large amounts of soda, as soda is commonly believed to be a helpful chemical in digesting heavy meals. But the regular intake of soda drinks causes cerebral strokes and even cancer in the digestive tract. Actually, the acidic effect of soda dissolves the inner lining of the stomach and the intestines, causing ulcers that later turn into cancer.


    5. Potato Chips:

    The potato chips are the most favourite junk food for many children and also the adults. Everyone knows that these chips have too high fat content that causes obesity, which raises the cholesterol level. But the research has proved that the potato chips also contain some artificial preservatives that are harmful to human health and may cause cancer in the body cells. Also, while the potato chips are fried at high temperatures, a dangerous chemical called acrylamide is created that is confirmed to be the cause of cancer.

    Hence, it is better to avoid all these above-mentioned common foods and save ourselves from the deadly curse of cancer.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, December 6, 2017, 18:00 [IST]
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