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What Causes Burning Sensation In Anus?

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Burning sensation in anus is a very embarrassing as well as a painful condition that can bother you. Though it could be due to minor issues, in some cases, even serious conditions like hemorrhoids and psoriasis can also cause the problem.

If you see bleeding when passing bowels, then you need to consult the doctor immediately. Also, never scratch too much when it itches down there. That could make the infection worse.

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How does the burning sensation around anus start? Well, it just starts with the urge to scratch the bottom. Gradually, you may see other symptoms depending upon what caused the condition. Now, here are some causes behind burning around anus.


Poor Hygiene

This is one of the primary reasons behind burning sensation in anus. If you don't wash the anal area properly after nature's calls, bacteria which reside in the remnants of excreta may irritate the skin. This can cause burning sensation.



When sweat and stool remnants are left on the skin near the anus, it would surely cause burning sensation. Do you think excessive cleansing is safe? No, even too much of rigorous cleansing may irritate the sensitive anal skin. Excessive scrubbing and using lots of soap can make the area too dry.

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Spicy Food

This is one reason behind burning sensation around anus. Just after passing bowels, if the burning sensation starts, then you can suspect the food you have eaten recently. Spicy food or foods that are too acidic can cause the brining sensation.



When the veins in the anal region swell and get inflamed, it could cause burning sensation. Pain and itchiness follow. Even bleeding could occur. Consult a doctor if you see bleeding when passing stools.


Anal Fissure

Small tears or an open sore near the anal area can also cause the burning sensation. It is known as anal fissure. Even constipation and diarrhea could cause the fissure that irritates the anal region. Drinking lots of water, eating enough fibre and being physically active can help.

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Tight Clothes

Even tight clothes or undergarments can cause too much of sweating and thereby cause the burning sensation down there.


Yeast Infection

Yeast infection could also irritate the back side. Actually, the damp and warm area is a place where yeast can grow fast. Even eczema can cause burning sensation.



If you experience the burning sensation during the night, it could be due to pinworms or thread worms. And when you scratch the area, the infection gets aggravated.


Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory bowel disease and anal leakage are also the reasons behind burning sensation around the anal region.

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