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Are You Bleeding During Lovemaking? Read This!

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Bleeding while having intercourse is not uncommon. Many bodily fluids are involved in the process of lovemaking, but when blood is involved, it would surely be a cause of concern.

If bleeding occurs during or after intercourse, many doubts surely tend to arise. Is it a sign of cancer or anything serious? Or is it nothing to worry about?

Are You Bleeding During Lovemaking?

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Well, it depends on many factors. In some cases, you don't need to worry but in some cases, you need to. Here are some facts.


Is It A Cause Of Concern?

Firstly, women who haven't reached menopause may sometimes experience bleeding during intercourse. If it occurs very rarely, it isn't a cause of concern.


Is It Due To Tears In The Tissue?

Vaginal tears due to vigorous bed activity could be one reason behind bleeding after the climax. Micro tears may not cause immediate pain but may cause bleeding.

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Did It Occur Just Before The Periods?

If the bleeding during intercourse occurs just a couple of days before your period, then the reason could be rough penetration. When the lining of the uterus gets hurt, a few drops of blood may come out.


Is It Due To Inflammation?

In some women, the bleeding could be due to inflammation. Also, some STIs like gonorrhea and chlamydia can cause bleeding. Some infections could also cause inflammation in the private parts. It is known as pelvic inflammatory disease.


Is It Due To Birth Control?

In some women who use hormonal birth-control pills, bleeding could occur mid cycle during the ovulation. The cervix tends to be sensitive at the time of ovulation and this could cause spotting. Even pregnancy could make the cervix tender.

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If Bleeding Occurs After Menopause?

Then it is better to consult the doctor immediately as bleeding is not supposed to occur after menopause. If the bleeding occurs due to vaginal tears due to dryness, that can be treated but if it occurs due to cancer (endometrial or cervical) then it is a much serious issue.

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When To Worry?

If the spotting is seen even after a day then it could be due to some other serious reason. Consult a doctor. It could be infection too.

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