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Best Natural Remedies To Remove Ovarian Cysts

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The ovary cysts represent sacks full of fluid and are like pockets inside the ovaries in a woman. Most of these cysts are not dangerous and they usually happen during periods.

These are benign by nature and do not have any particular reason for them to appear.

home remedy to remove ovary cyst

But there are also certain pathological cysts that are quite dangerous, which can also lead to cancer. Most of the times, these cysts do not harm us, but sometimes, they can cause abdominal bloating, pain in bowel needs, menstrual problems with the cycle, pelvis pain around the period date, sex pain issues, lower back pain, bladder pressure, vomiting and nausea.

Some cysts can even lead to infertility. This article consists of some of the best home remedies to treat ovarian cysts.

Sometimes, these may disappear in a few months and sometimes they don't and hence, it requires medical attention. Worry not, as there are natural methods that can help decrease its size.

This article consists of some of the best natural home remedies to remove ovarian cysts. Continue reading this article to know about the best natural remedies to remove ovarian cysts.


1. Castor Oil Packs:

This is one of the oldest cures for cysts. This oil is known to cleanse the toxins as well as the excess unwanted materials. It also makes the lymph system better and dissolves the cysts. Get a big flannel cloth and make it three layers thick. Put some castor oil drops in it. Lay down and put the towel on your belly. Do this three times per week for 90 days.


2. Epsom Bath:

This bath reduces the pain as well as the symptoms of ovarian cysts. It contains magnesium sulphate and hence relaxes the muscles and cramps. In a tub, put one cup of Epsom salt and warm water. Add 10 drops of essential oil like lavender or rose to it. Lying in the bed for half an hour is known to relieve the cramps and reduce the symptoms of it. This is one of the best home remedies to remove ovarian cysts.


3. Chamomile Tea:

This tea is great for this issue and also for its pain. It also has a mild sedation effect as well as a calming effect. Drinking this tea makes your periods regular and the blood flow will be improved in the uterus and pelvis, thus preventing the formation of cysts.


4. Apple Cider Vinegar:

This vinegar is known to shrink the cysts, as ACV is known to have a lot of potassium. Add one spoon of ACV in a glass of warm water, also add a spoon of black molasses. Have two glasses of this. This also helps during the case of bleeding during periods and for muscle cramps. This is one of the best natural remedies to remove ovarian cysts.


5. Beetroot:

This veggie contains betacyanin and is alkaline in nature, thus preventing the formation of cysts. Mix ½ a cup of fresh beet extract juice with one spoon of aloe vera gel and black molasses. Drink it every day before breakfast. This will let you know how to shrink ovarian cysts naturally.


6. Heat:

This is known to reduce the belly cramps near the ovaries. Take a heat pad with warm water and place it on the belly. Hold it for 15 minutes and repeat this process as much as you want, until you feel any better.

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Story first published: Monday, March 20, 2017, 18:30 [IST]
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