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After Reading This, You Will Start Using An Exercise Ball As A Chair


The regular chairs that we use, do a lot of damage if you sit for prolonged periods. Chairs impact your posture. Also, the slouching posture impacts core strength.

Nowadays, the trend of using an exercise ball as a chair is slowly catching up. The benefits of this practice are being discussed everywhere.

So, let us discuss how it helps if you use an exercise ball as your chair.

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1. Consult a doctor if you wish to try it.

2. Never sit on the ball soon after waking up. When you are not fully awake, you may lose balance and fall.

3. Start small. Sit for a few minutes for the first day and gradually increase the period when your body starts getting used to it.


Benefit #1

Firstly, spine alignment gets better when you sit on a ball. As the ball isn't stable, your body tries to find a balance by aligning itself properly.

That is how your body gets into healthy posture when you sit on the ball. It is good for your spine and also prevents back pain.


Benefit #2

You will be able to burn more calories. This is a great benefit for those who are trying to lose weight. As your body keeps moving, your calorie expenditure will increase. So, it keeps you fit.


Benefit #3

When you sit on a chair, you seldom move. But when you are sitting on a ball, even the slightest movement like turning a bit to get your laptop will make your body adjust itself to find balance. So, even while sitting, your body remains active as it constantly changes its position.

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Benefit #4

Even your blood circulation gets a boost. Sitting on a chair for prolonged periods of time can affect circulation in certain parts of your body. But an exercise ball boosts circulation.


Benefit #5

Your body will become better in balancing act as the ball isn't a stable, static surface. Your muscles need to constantly work to keep your body stable.

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Benefit #6

It allows you to workout! This is the best thing. You don't need to go anywhere to start a workout. Whenever you want to workout, you can simply stretch your body on the ball.


Benefit #7

Your core gets engaged. The muscles in your abdomen work hard to keep you in place. So, simply sitting on the exercise ball can also act like a workout for your abs.


Benefit #8

Generally, you tend to feel drained after a day's work. But if you sit on an exercise ball at work, you tend to feel energetic even at the end of the day because your body keeps moving.

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