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    You Will Be Surprised by These Benefits of Tulsi Leaves

    benefits of Tulsi

    Tulsi, or Holy Basil (as it is known around the world), is a plant of incredible significance in India because Hindus worship the Tulsi plant as a manifestation of the Goddess Tulsi.

    But did you know that Tulsi is also revered in Ayurveda for its incredible medicinal properties? Or that it is now grown in most tropical countries around the world because of a growing demand for Tulsi tea among the health-conscious?

    Well, you can prepare to be surprised by a lot more facts and benefits of Tulsi than these because in this article we are going to discuss exactly that.

    Note: If you missed our take on the benefits of aloe vera yesterday, you can read about it right here.


    #1 Tulsi has potent anti-diabetic properties.

    The Tulsi plant is well-known for its anti-diabetic properties. And for good reason too because a lot of animal studies and human clinical trials have established that the medicinal compounds in Tulsi are capable of reducing abnormal blood sugar levels, balancing out high cholesterol, and also repairing the damage done to your liver and kidney in diabetes.


    #2 It is very effective against cancer and can prevent it as well.

    A number of studies have shown that consuming Tulsi tea regularly is an effective way of preventing cancer. Especially lung, liver, skin, and oral cancer.

    This is because Tulsi contains a large number of phytochemicals within its leaves that are known to prevent malignant transformation of regular cells into cancer cells, and also prevent the metastasis of early-stage cancer.


    #3 It can boost your immunity.

    People who consume Tulsi regularly are known to have stronger immunity than those who don't because Tulsi is packed with antioxidants that reduce the oxidative stress in your body and remove free radicals, which are known to deteriorate the body and its organs.


    #4 It can protect you from radiation poisoning.

    Contrary to popular belief, the radiation you are exposed to during simple medical x-rays is a lot less than the radiations you are exposed to every day because of the Sun and the Earth (a.k.a solar and cosmic radiation).

    These radiations that are capable of producing malignant changes in your body. But not if you have Tulsi tea every day. That's because the antioxidant properties of Tulsi not only removes free radicals produced by these radiations, they also stimulate the secretion of antioxidant enzymes in your body.


    #5 It can get rid of acne.

    Your skin develops acne when the natural pores of it get clogged by dirt and oil, which are fertile grounds for bacterial growth. And drinking Tulsi tea can help you fight this because Tulsi cleanses you from inside and out.


    #6 Tulsi tea can help you de-stress.

    Our bodies are attuned to the environment around us to keep us safe. Nevertheless, every danger or threat in the world does not cause a full-blown fight-or-flight response. Sometimes all your body does is increase the secretion of cortisol (a.k.a the stress hormone) to help you combat these troubling circumstances.

    And while short-term exposure to cortisol does not produce any adverse effects, in the long run, it can lead to obesity, decreased concentration and memory, reduced immunity and bone density, increased blood sugar, and development of heart disorders.

    Consuming Tulsi tea can help you combat all these because Tulsi is very famous for its calming and stress-relieving effects. So if you are stressed out, consider adding a cup to your daily routine.


    #7 It can reduce fever.

    Tulsi leaves are known to reduce fever by helping your body fight off the infection causing it in the first place.


    #8 Tulsi is effective against cough and other respiratory disorders.

    Tulsi is very good for asthma patients because it can relieve lung congestion and improve airflow. And the same effects (plus its antibacterial properties) can reduce cough and cold.


    #9 It’s rich in vitamin K.

    Vitamin K is an important clotting factor in your blood. And it also is responsible for maintaining the health of your bones. That's why you should add a cup of Tulsi tea to your daily routine because one cup of it is estimated to have more than the recommended daily unit of vitamin K in it.


    #10 It can reduce oral problems.

    From cavities to gum diseases, chewing Tulsi leaves is a great way to reduce the bacterial population in your mouth and improve your oral health.

    Plus, it is very effective against bad breath!


    #11 It is effective against migraines and sinusitis.

    Migraine is a form of an extreme headache that pulses behind your forehead and eyes. Sinusitis is a condition where the natural air sinuses of your skull (which help resonant your voice) are filled with mucus. Both these conditions produce extreme heaviness in your head and pain.

    That's why if you suffer from either of them, you should definitely add Tulsi tea to your daily regimen as it is known to be an effective painkiller and sinus decongestant.

    How do I Consume Tulsi Leaves?

    Tulsi leaves can be consumed in two ways.

    One, you can keep a small pot of Tulsi at home and chew on a few leaves every day before ingesting the mulch.

    Two, you can drop 4 - 5 Tulsi leaves (or a teaspoon of Tulsi tea) in a cup of water and boil it for a few minutes and then drink this herbal tea once a day. And if you want to improve your health drastically, you can even consider adding ginger and cloves to this decoction.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, November 7, 2017, 19:00 [IST]
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